Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Outfits from Christopher's Lodge

I don't normally post photos of features here cos I'm so anal-retentive about the post-processing/editing and alignment (which I haven't perfected) on my blog... but this is an exception since I adore Kryz, What A Girl Wants and I occasionally like posting photos of pretty things. I owe you guys pictures of decent outfits! :))

from the Sunstar

This is on LookBook and Chictopia
More photos of all the looks here.
You can place your orders here.

My beau and I are featured on CandyMag! My stylish friends are also on the list... Woopwoop!

I don't know what got in my head when I wrote down "edgy"- but I think it was too keep me from writing down: "Anything comfy and edgy like the pambahay look that I just LOVE wearing since it's so hot in this country and I sweat really easily... And nothing too feminine because I can't force myself to be super prim and proper/ladylike the entire night... I just CAN'T."

Gosh, nobody can outdork me.

Who else was given the task to give him things to say for the interview??? Is it obvious from his answer? LOL. Good thing he agrees O_O

Did y'all notice that he copied my pose?! Just kidding... We both didn't notice that we were doing this for Candymag.


Anonymous said...

Raleen. ToT Why'd you have to cut your beautiful hair? TOT

Lon time no comment. xD I still read your posts, dun worry. ;) I just have no time to comment thanks to school. @~@

Raleene said...

Because it was super boring and this style is more "me" :) I can always have long hair when I'm older. Ive had long hair all my life! Lol. Thanks for readin my blog again :)

Jeje said...

You're funny Ral! You should've wrote down the other one instead. Haha!

I'm having awesome Christmas Giveaway! Details will be posted this weekend! Spread the word! :)

Raleene said...

Jeje- hahaha well their paper was so small! 1/4 of a US Letter-sized bond paper :( and you know us PSID students, we love having enough space for lettering ;)

Gela said...

hi, i just came across your blog! just want to say YOU'RE HAIR IS SUPER AMAZING. i wish i had the guts to have my hair chopped off

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