Friday, December 31, 2010

Facehunter in Manila

With the Facehunter- Yvan Rodic

Saw Saab when it was almost my turn to meet Yvan... Saab, I covet your sky-high black pumps!

Finally got to meet Karl!!! We've been online friends since I joined Lookbook and Chictopia. And man, he's one of the most stylish people in the Philippines now but has remained nice and humble...

Oh and I guess he watches our videos on YouTube? He said the same thing David told me after I got out of the line- "sing while people are waiting to get their booked signed!"

Gelo interviewed Ryuji before he attacked me! Was laughing as I was waiting in line cos he is just so hilarious.

Stayed at Coffee Bean with Honey and Ana before the event. Thanks for keeping me company, girls!

Honey wore her shoes from Soule Phenomenon

Karl and Melai

Laureen, you don't need photo-editing tips from me. Your blog and photos are GREAT!

Her shoes by Andre Chang

Jujin behind Karl

Got to meet Kookie! She remembers me from Chictopia (or did she say my blog?). She came with Nicole. Their style's so unique, I love it!

I loved Lyka's skirt

Kookie's new tattoo

her old one.

Platform invasion- Nicole's (Soule Phenomenon), Kookies (Jeffrey Campbell) and Karl's (Soule Phenomenon)

David and Aline


Paul's sandals

Vern and I were talking about having beaus from Cebu while she waited in line. Got a call from his bf/my "cousin" Dondi a few minutes after and asked why I was brainwashing her girlfriend. HA!

Karl's rings

I was thinking about going to the book singing event til the last hour since I was rushing to finish my plates for Interior Design and Workshop (yes, we were given plates to submit and pass over the holidays!)... But I'm glad I went! I got to meet the most stylish bloggers in our country, and most of them I've met online before (when I was still active on Chictopia and Lookbook). Let me just say- this was the worst possible time to dress down. But hey, I was already at the event and I thought to myself that I shouldn't beat myself up for not being able to prepare for an outfit since I have to prioritize school. :)

Yvan was nice enough to really talk to each person who had their book signed. He asked me what my "main thing" was and I was confused on what to tell him. I ended up telling him that I was studying to become an Interior Designer and I was also a musician. Wasn't planning on telling him I had a blog (since it's incomparable to his and to to the blogs that other people at the event were running) but he found out when I said "Oh Karl's a blogger, too" when Karl offered to take my photo with him using my camera.

I wanted to ask him more about his previous career on advertising, and his favorite cameras or gadgets, but my thoughts weren't too organized that day (haven't slept in days!!!). He asked me about my Lumix and checked out my photos without the flash (I don't use flash unless I'm in the club or event without proper lighting).

As one of the pioneers in the fashion/street style blogging field, he's living the life most of us are trying (or want to) experience- taking photos while traveling, hanging out with really interesting people, immersing yourself in different cultures and getting paid to do it. I don't think he shows it in his blog, but he really goes around to experience everything in his trips. Heard he went to Chinatown before the event (and he even tweeted that a bunch of kids attacked them), and hey I've never even been there! He also made a new blog showing things other than streetstyle/fashion.

Went home right after and didn't get to attend the afterparty at Kyss or have dinner with the other girls. Finished my plates at 10am the next day and got to pass them before I went to Baguio to catch up with the family...

Heading to Baguio Country Club for the NYE party later... I really missed our house here! At least I have a day to relax and spend time with my family before mum and bro fly back to Cebu. Will try to take some photos to post later...

Thank you to those who never get tired of reading my blog. Thank you to those who supported us during our musical journey this year. Here's to 2011!!! I'm glad I had the chance to meet all my blogger friends before the year ends.

Monday, December 27, 2010

day-to-day makeup (updated)


My hair's so long already! I'm trying out a pixie cut for a change... Getting bored as usual.

[b&w version here]

What I currently use everyday to look decent (if I'm not too busy or when I know I'm gonna bump into someone I know. LOL):


1. MAKE UP FOR EVER'S #25 DUO MAT POWDER FOUNDATION- I don't use the sponge to apply this on my face. I use a retractable brush from the Body Shop and use it as a blotting powder. It's the best powder I've tried so far (but also the most expensive). I don't use up all of it right away since I use a brush.



1. MAC CHARCOAL BROWN MATTE EYE SHADOW- I use this on my brows and apply it using an angled/straight-edged brush


3. MAC ZOOM LASH- I don't like this mascara at all. Makes my lashes clump together. Will try another mascara from MAC or go back to Dior/Chanel when it runs out. MaxFactor has some good mascaras but I stopped buying from them when I found out that they tested on animals... If the buying stops, they will take action, so please spread the word.

4. URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE-ON PENCIL IN ZERO- the best eyeliner in the world. I'm running out and I have to let someone ship me some from Sephy soon! This eyeliner duo (Zero and Whiskey) came with the Naked palette I got from my friend Holly. I draw a thick line on my eyes and smudge it so it's not too harsh.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

saw the view from that ridge

Ina and I both drop our iPhones often so we need these chunky cases.

Paulo got a baby faux-hawk during his visit here after asking me a zillion times whether or not it would look good on him. My take on hair is that if you think you can pull it off, you should just do it and not listen to anyone else's opinion. His brothers have been telling him to get a haircut similar to mine- and how very untimely, I was already growing mine out to achieve a pixie haircut type of thing similar to Emma Watson's.

I took him to Bench Fix at Serendra right before my brother got the same haircut. Wow. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of his hair.

Pau's flying to Michigan on January 6 for a year to finish his course (sadness) but I guess we're pretty used to the long distance thing. We started out that way and tons of people seem to survive like us, thanks to Skype, Facebook, Y!M, Facetime, etc. I'm still traumatized with that faker webcamming with me during my last trip to China so I don't use any of my new accounts with anyone else... It's either e-mail or Facebook.

Spent 3 days with the beau and got to visit Paul Jake's set for his TV series in Antipolo at around 3 in the morning to surprise him on his 26th birthday. Loved the view from the resthouse. It was super chilly, though... Developed a bit of a cold after that, but I can't complain since PJ had to swim in the freezing water with the flu for his scene that night (I think the series is called Alyna, it's on ABS-CBN).

I didn't get a chance to take too many photos during our annual Christmas party in Tagaytay on the 23rd. Bummer. Had so much fun with the kiddos, though. I am still suffering from the Christmas food coma. My fitness and diet plan should be amped up 200x by next month.

On the 24th my family usually attends the 9PM mass at the chapel right beside our house. We also have our Noche Buena extra early (we don't like eating late) and open gifts after the mass. My siblings kept laughing at me because I went to mass wearing house clothes, and celebrated Christmas in that same outfit. LOL... Since I got my major Christmas gifts early, we opened the more cutesy and nicely-wrapped gifts instead. Our traditions always remain so simple, and I love it.

Thanks to WhatsApp, Pau and I exchanged video greetings through our iPhones. They're freakin hilarious and I think he would kill me if I posted them here. Let's just say it involved funny dances and shameless greetings addressed to the "Cabrera family". :))

Had breakfast and lunch on the 25th with my cousins who visited us at the compound. Watched a couple of movies together and the youngest one (Alecsandra) accompanied me in my studio, using my design materials to doodle and color.

Christmas this year made me feel super blessed again to be surrounded by the people I truly love. Hope you guys were able to count your blessings, as well as remember the true reason for the season.

Kiana's 18th

Riz and I were invited to perform during Kiana Valenciano's debut last December 19 at the Establishment (Fort strip)

We arrived early so we could set up and get briefed about the programme. The lights were so pretty so we camwhored for a bit. :)

It was supposedly an all-white party and of course I only had time to shop 3 hours before the party... This creme-colored blouse from Topshop was the best that I could do :( Apparently white isn't in this season?

But Robin's suit was mega-white so it had an awesome glow under the black lights!

Friends slowly started gathering around our small table.

Gab placed the glow sticks around his jumpers cos he said his outfit was so "blah". :))

Sam the phophographer

Sam's sister Alex came home from America... She's also studying music!!! Riz and I are so jealous.

the sisters

Andi and Nikki were the hosts for the night

With the brothers- Enzo and EO Marcos (good gosh I blend in as a guy thanks to my top)


The lights contributed to this messed-up coloring but whatevs =))

LOL Andi looks scared of Robin!

Gab + Alex

The Marcos siblings all look alike!!! (Eo, Enzo and Mandy)

"OMG is your camera a Lumix???" LOL

Alex photobombing LOL

These shoes are comfy but Sam and I just got really tired of standing.

Pandanggo sa ilaw by Andi :))


Fun fun!