Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baguio weekend

Filipino traditional furniture sketches... Would've done them in freehand but that would take me more time. Filipino furniture requires so much detailing! Don't have photos showing the details though. Huu.

Those are just SOME of the things I was rushing to finish so I could catch up to my family in Baguio for New Year's. Forgot to take a photo of the mood boards since I was really in a hurry. If I didn't pass them I had the option to stay alone in our Manila home to spend new year's by myself. Umm, no thanks.

Loved the earthy and green vibe of this place. Even their accessories and place mats were eco-friendly.

An hour away from Baguio, we stopped by this place that had Kopi Luwak or Coffee Alamid. My dad sorta tricked me into drinking this. They were hunting for those beans before during a mountain expedition with my brother. They sent me a video and I vowed to never taste it because of how the beans were.... harvested. I found out that I was indeed taking a sip of that coffee after seeing the cat drawing on the cup. It's Php 300 per cup and it actually tastes good. But I think I can go on with life without ever ordering it again. :))

Why I love our house in Baguio.... This view just takes away all the stress in your system.

Mum and dad's room from below. Couldn't take a photo of the whole facade from the balcony cos of my prime lens. *apologizes*

Gonna do the last few plates I have to pass this week during the first week of the new term. School is crazyyy!


Honey Andrade said...

I cant imagine drinking cat poop. Sorry, Ral.. :s

Well at least you said it tastes good........ LOL

Anonymous said...

Such great photos! I saw you in the Facehunter event but I was too shy to say hi! Hihi. Followed your blog dear :-)

Raleene said...

Honey- that's what I said before. Lol. But it's still the beans I guess? Hahaha

Efril- thank u! :D