Friday, January 7, 2011

the send-off

Melander from ALDO.
Huge sale on all the shoes and I wanted to buy some non-sale items, but didn't really fall in love with any of the styles cos they lacked my size or didn't have them in the color I wanted. Ended up buying these from the sale rack- which awesome since I needed everyday sandals with a bit of a heel. Too bad they didn't have them in black (which I know I'll never get sick of), but I'm getting into browns again anyways.

His meal. Softest piece of meat EVER.

Best Greek salad in the city.

Says he's determined to keep the faux hawk. mkayyy.
I miss mine terrrrrribbbblyyyyy. ☹


No more pics with the beau til he gets back from America. That's about... a year from now? Okay- I'd like to think that we're not really the pair to camwhore and take photos together so much when we actually get to hang, so I guess the only time I post photos of him here is when I actually get to photograph him or reflections of us. Never really got the hang of asking people to take our picture. And since we've been in this long distance thing since the beginning, I think we still look awkward when we pose together.

Well. I think too much about our own photos. Sad... But [this] is an exception. You can see how my poor little smile looks. And the tasteless stamping/framing was intentional (I'm trying to save my ass) just to give justice to the level of cheesiness we succumbed to. We're getting there, yeah?

My week has been uneventful since I've put my nerd glasses on, but next week will be awesome.


Melai said...

love the food photos raleene!

Raleene said...

Thanks, Melai :)


I'm hungry na :( haha

I really love your shots!!

Raleene said...

hahaha! thanks! tell me if u need a photographer!