Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sinulog 2011- Sunday (part2)

[read part 1 here]

Last year, I joined the parade and celebrated Sinulog with the Castillos/IPI and some friends. This year, I decided to join the big street party since I had guests from Manila... This is how the streets are like during the Sinulog festival...

We had brunch and didn't head to the streets til 2:30PM since we waited for the rain to stop...

We got dropped off Ayala Center and had to walk to Baseline since the traffic was horrible and there were so many road blocks already along the way...

Met some friends who were also Zara girls.

Still looking clean

The pretty RIZs with nice smiles- Rizbelle and Rizza

David was pointing and laughing.......

...at my fabulous makeup.

This photo sums up Sam and Pao's Sinulog experience :))

That's Pao's epic face after drinking the deadly mix of some beer and vodka :))

The umbrella makes a statement

Yeah I pretty much looked like a boy on this day.

She brought a Fuji polaroid camera! So jealz.

Vern, check out your boyfriend. LOL

Pia's Sinulog face


Pao- "OMG SO FAAAR are we near already?!?!" // Sam gasping for air // Abby thinking "When will this end?!" // Koi- "Raaaal wait for us!!!" // Rizza- "This is fun! Wee!"
We took a longer route going back to Ayala since people were already blocking the previous one we took earlier! I think I forgot for a second that not everyone enjoyed walking like I did.

Koi posing as a water vendor... (The kid just left for a while to get some change... hehe)

We reached City Sports Club where my driver parked the car and then we went to Ila Puti at I.T. Park since most of them were starving...

My iPhone with the torn-up wrist band from the party

I love this

There were about 3 bands performing there and Riz and I decided to just jam & sing one song... But we ended up singing an entire set since they kept asking for more! So fun!

Went home and we all took our time in the shower. The water turned blue when I was bathing! Changed and went to Maya (my fave bar in Cebu) to just chill, meet up with some friends and drink...

Tried their Sangria which was reallyyyyy good. Maya has the best mojitos and margaritas, too! Glad they're opening up a branch in Manila. They serve really good Mexican food.

2 cars died on us... Weird, right? We had to go back and forth to lend each other this jumper. It was raining and I pitied the guys. Good thing the flyover was just close to Crossroads (where the two cars were).

We went to Outpost to listen to some bands and meet up with some more friends. The Outpost has that CubaoX/Saguijo feel but it's much smaller plus it's just one main house. I remember coming to this place before when I was in high school. It wasn't so popular back then. Really nice place to chill and listen to live music!

a "mini Larsian"... Hehe

Loved Sam's outfit! Her dress if from Kate Torralba.


Here's a short clip of us singing at Ila Puti...

Pics grabbed from Sam and Olga:


I think my photos pretty much give y'all an idea of how much fun Sinulog was this year. It gets better every damn year, I tell ya! My friends kept saying that they're going to convince their friends to come to the next one. I can't wait for Sinulog 2012!!!


Honey Andrade said...

It looks like you had so much fun!!

And you also look like you lost more weight!
I dunno how you do it when your always around so much good food.. Haha!

αвву M. said...

looks so much fun yeah!
i´ve never experienced sinulog sa pinas :(
hope i get the chance in the future ;D

u guys are great singers :D and ur photos are so cooL!

Aisa.Paxie said...

looks so much fun!!! i hate myself for not booking a flight earlier and missing the fest:( i love cebu! too bad i have to wait til 2012 pa. booo.

Raleene said...

Honey- well I only take photos of the food... AND I tried real hard to lose a bit of weight before I flew to Cebu... Trying to lose even more now. GAH. -_-

Abby M- thank you :)

Pax- yeah I make sure to book a flight 2-3 months before the Sinulog weekend! Go next year :D

Mikey Sanchez said...

awesome weekend!

now, to recover from all the mayhem

Michael Juliams V. Camalao said...

Ure sinulog pics makes my friends and I soo jealous! We love ur blog, it remind us that were missing soo much fun living/moving to Vancouver!

Raleene said...

Mikey- YESSS it was awesome!!! Glad I bumped into you :) ahhh we all still have the Sinulog hangover. I keep looking at my photos! LOL

Michael Camalao- Wow thank you! :)

Big Bangs Theory said...

Sinulog looks like so much fun! I am so jealous! I should invite my friends and go there next year. I super love your photos :)

<3 Christine

Vern said...

Oh wow, its the first time I saw this set and I am definitely going next year!! hahaha it looks so much fun and it made me zealous :-( haha See you soon Raleene!

P.S. he did look like he had so much fun noh? HAHA!

Raleene said...

Christine- thank you! :)

Vern- I don't know why I never see you two together during events/parties! hahaha YEAH go next year!