Monday, February 7, 2011




Some photos grabbed from the ladies:


My Saturday started out by modeling for Suelas. Jackie said she saw me last Thursday entering Issa's condo but didn't get the chance to talk to me since we rushed in the elevator after screaming "Omg shoes!" while they were unpacking their new collection. She was able to contact me the day before the shoot thanks to Kryz, who also modeled for them twice. I ended up doing my own makeup since they thought I didn't have to put on any (WHAT)! The makeup artist was taking her time with each model and since I was ready, I hurriedly did my own makeup. Good thing I know my face very well. Eyeliner, brows, mascara and face powder- just the basic makeup I had in my bag. They also insisted that I picked my own outfit since they didn't want me to look like them, so I put on whatever I could. My turn went by really fast! It was fun, though!

I went home, slept and woke up just in time to change and head to Greenbelt to meet up with fellow bloggers. It was fun meeting new people! We had dinner at Mr. Jones and then headed to Cubao X for Meiday! Myk and I were the only CubaoX regulars in the group, and we failed to describe to them the scene. I changed into a shirt when I got there, while the others were still so dressed up. I still managed to sweat. After letting them observe the crowd/place and listen to some of the bands, we ended up at Allan's Grill to chill and talk...

In attendance were: Honey, Ana, Aie, Pax, Krissy, Reg, Ava, Cath, Myk

Had a great time last Saturday even if my plans were made at the last minute!


krissy ♥ said...

I had a great time last Saturday! Hope we get to do this again soon :)

PS: Armie Hammer! ♥

Catherine said...

Hi, Ral. Sorry for being awkward last Saturday. I just couldn't contain that kinda emotion, ya know! uhmmm. I'm a huge fan of yours kc talaga and there was a time nga na I went to Salcedo Market pa to stalk you. LOL. FAIL. It was really nice meeting you in person. :) OMG! can I just say, I LOVE YOU??? Hahaha...

Raleene said...

Krissy- me too! yess another one soon ;) ARMIE <3

Cath- haha! OMG. I'm just a normal girl... Who likes to do things. LOL. See you next time! :))

Unknown said...

haha! the cubao x experience was def something!! can't wait to try it again... in more comfy clothes :)

Raleene said...

Reg- yeah it was totally unplanned so i forgot to tell everyone that we had to dress down... next time! so we can enjoy more bands as well :)

Melai said...

Wow this meet-up is so nice!! :)
I love cubao x! I used to be a regular before esp because I always go with my film buddies in mogwai but times have changed and i didn't have the chance to visit as much as i do. i missed it! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Aisa.Paxie said...

buti nalang i intentionally dressed down! i got a migraine sa cubaoX. lol. and i still cant get over shakira's abs. and mich still can't get over your hair. for serious. hhehehe. see you again soon!!!:)

Aie Corpuz said...

Just when I thought I have everything in my bag! Next time I'll bring an extra shirt. lol!

Smolder Me said...

saw your blog from aie's post...i must say, your booties caught my eyes! =) following you now! =) cool blog by the way..and i love your job! envy you really!
xoxo Cheryl

Anonymous said...

why are the insides of the shoes blue? :O

Raleene said...

anon- they're not really blue, more like an indigo/blue-violet. just their trademark, I guess? :)) doesn't matter cos they won't be seen when you wear their shoes.