Tuesday, February 1, 2011

basic makeup photo shoot

photographer: Miles Magcase
makeup artist: Marites Magcase


I took these screencaps using my iPhone so pardon the quality of the portraits!


Crappy and unflattering OOTD photo :P
I wore a polo over that (it was too chilly and I had to wear a tube top for the shoot) plus my Aldo heels. And oooh mum gave me a new navy blue Swatch MyGent! Woop!

I did a shoot a while ago at Sid's place since Miles had to do an instructional/step-by-step everyday makeup guide. Luckily my skin was clear even after 2 days of the rough activities under the harsh sun, cold rain, MUD, dirty water and dust during our teambuilding activity in Laguna. I lacked sleep as usual, but again I was having a good skin day so hopefully I saved Miles from a bit of retouching (LOL).

Her mum, tita Marites, is a licensed interior designer and I had fun chatting with her during the long drive to Las PiƱas. She knew a lot of my professors and I got to share with her my experiences as an interior design student in PSID. Told her about my plans on taking up lighting design after taking the board and she had a lot of stories to share about her suppliers. She shared my sentiments when I told her that a lot of people don't know the amount of work we face. When a course has the word "design", people automatically think that it's all just artsy and creative, when in reality it's highly technical, jam-packed with theory and it squeezes the life out of you. Well at least we get the gratification of seeing the final outcome/our work as beautiful spaces that everyone can appreciate...

The shoot took a while since we had to freeze during each step just so Miles could take the perfect "instructional" shot. One basic makeup look took us 5 hours, then we took a break to eat and the last look only took another hour since the steps weren't documented anymore.

I almost dozed off during some parts since I had to stay still on the makeup chair the whole time, plus the AC was on full blast beside me just so I wouldn't sweat under the harsh studio lights. We got home really late, but 'twas still fun working with the Magcase team! And oh, thanks to Miles and tita for trusting my face to work just fine with the bare-faced shots! You're both too kind. :))


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Raleene! xD O.O My mom's name is Marites, how I wish she was an interior designer also. =_=

Mary Ann Horne said...

Oh my goodness that makeup case if fahhhbulous!! How can I find out the make of it etc?? I need that!! lol... Also You look beautiful what a fun shoot!! Love your blog girl! <3Mary

Raleene said...

Hazel- thanks :)

Mary- she ordered it from Italy! The simpler ones I've seen are only made in China. heeheee. And thanks!

Mary Ann Horne said...

Awesome! Thank you for finding that out for me I appreciate it! <3 M