Monday, February 28, 2011

impromptu gig + Friday outfits

xx Thursday night

We attended our grandfather's 85th birthday in Cebu on Thursday night. Had to go since our relatives all traveled to the city for it and they wanted to see us perform. The last time I saw most of them was before I graduated from high school, year 2006! I felt so old since there were so many babies. My mum comes from a family of 10 and she's the 6th!

We went to the Outpost to catch up with some friends. Riz tried out these new guitar effects from Audio Development, which she says are awesome, btw...


Then the guys from Zerothreetwo asked us to play! We were the last band and it turned out to be really fun!!! (Stole some photos from Tamia)


We were so nervous at first... We all know that Cebuanos are hard to please. But the response we got from the crowd was just amazing. Thank you!!!

We got some messages from Twitter and our Facebook page that we should've announced the gig... But really, we were only asked to play when we got there. The next one will be announced, promise!


Riz stole my shirt.
(This was a test shot since she was my photographer. She doesn't know how to work my camera//adjust the settings. Huhloh, Riz! You now have an OOTD photo. Heh.)

She's planning to steal this oversized sweater-thing, too... But it's a cropped top for her, and that might pose a problem. *teeheee.

We have this magic mirror at home...

& I love my camera but father wants to take it from me so I can upgrade to a GF2! I hate touch screens and I like the GF1's look + lens more... Well I can't say no to a new toy, now can I? My GF1's just got some sentimental value since I worked for it.

I used to dread playing that piano. Although I did learn how to play that and the violin, I never really loved it fully... I enjoy being in the choir or singing with a band more.

Go-to accessories at the moment:
Green ring- Mango; Skull/inverse connector ring- Topman (Singapore); Skull bead bracelet- Anagon; "Life is an adventure, partake!" bracelet- the Bead Shop; Chain & leather cuff- Carbon.

The super-high ceiling of our living room doesn't help to make it cooler (say hello to my shiny face). Summers in Cebu are intense, but that's enough reason for you to hit the beautiful beaches surrounding the island! Too bad I can't do that just yet... I can't wait to graduate! We don't have any summer breaks.


Ashley said...

Sick outfit. Can't wait to bust out my shorts for summer...

yuniseeeena said...

gorgeous as always.

Anonymous said...

What setting do you usually have your camera on??

Raleene said...

Ashley & Yuniseena- thanks!

Anon- intelligent auto if im in a hurry, manual and aperture priority during parties, and the food setting for, well, food. haha. I wouldn't be using a mini DSLR if I didn't need so many settings. :)