Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore- Feb14

Ion mall is so pretty! Smells really nice inside, too. They use fragrance marketing called ScentAir.

I went around on my own for a couple of hours since mum and Riz went back to Ukelele Movement at Little India.

Coffee beans and tea leaves on the chairs... Guess where I was killing time?

Our Filipino friend Ryan (who now works for Marina Bay Sands) said that on Sundays, Filipino maids come to this area to transform it into a... disco. We were both surprised that they were allowed to do this on a regular basis since Singapore's usually super strict about those types of things...

I tried to take photos of as much window displays since we're taking that up now in our workshop class... The creativity required to make different, eye-catching store fronts and visual merchandising is just.... UGH.

Prety pretty architecture.

Later that night, we were joined by some Filipino friends at the Fuse lounge. We ended up having some drinks and then Riz and I sang our medley!

Yummy strawberry mojito.

This was really good but I forgot the name and concoction!

What I ate... Surprisingly soooo good!

My lovely momma.

Mirror above.

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L.D. said...

OHMYGOD YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS. Damn your bone structure is to die for, really.

Too bad I didn't catch you on bloggers' closet

You are now a new girl crush... haaaaaaaaaaiiiii <3 <3 <3 <3 Hi miss pwede magpakilala, lol