Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore- our hotel room + last day

We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and it was amazing! We were upgraded to the Orchid Suite on the 53rd floor which was MASSIVE for just me, mum and Riz. We were so lucky since this hotel's always fully booked cos it's relatively new.

My 50mm lens couldn't capture everything so check out their website to see it from floor to ceiling (ceiling height was 11 ft!!!).

First entertainment room with the garden view as you enter.

The walk-in closet.

Huge bathroom, complete with a tub and shower.

Shower to the left, water closet to the right.

Small dining area + pantry to the left

Bed with a swiveling TV

2nd entertainment area (with a king-sized sofa bed) to the left with the beautiful city view.


SO beautiful...


The next morning I was greeted by really nice light shining through the floor-ceiling windows so I just had to camwhore.

Airport-friendly outfit.

I love my boyfriend jeans.

Missing the garden view.

And of course, the city view.

Here's a very shaky video showing our room during our last night there... My voice was incredibly shrieky (I think it's always like that anyways). Again, the entire height couldn't fit in my small Flip camera's lens sooo I failed at panning on most parts. LOL.

I miss our hotel room! I miss Singapore! Can't wait to go back this April. Hope nothing destroys our plans... :)

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Mia E said...

amazing room!

btw, what's the camera youre using to take your photos? amazing shots! :) thanks!