Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore- Universal Studios (part 1)

This is a two-part post since there were so many cutesy attractions and it's been a while since I've been to a legit theme park...

There was only one roller-coaster with loop-dee-loops. :( It was slow and ended up forcing myself to scream funny things (which made our only seat mate laugh and cry) but we had fun nonetheless... :)

I dress for comfort and I don't care what y'all are gonna say about my outfit since it was so damn hot =P I know I have a lot of fashion critics reading this blog (LOL).

You can't imagine how many people laughed at us while doing a series of wacky poses as we entered the place...

I just LOVE Betty Boop but buying a hair brush without a mane is pretty pointless... Aren't these the cutest brushes?

This was the last of the "special effects" we saw during one of the shows. It was pretty cool with the storm they simulated in the small place!

Charlie Chaplin! We wanted a photo with him since he was so goofy but the line was insanely long.

We rode the blue track which had the loops and had our feet hanging... Still wasn't quite like the Viper at Magic Mountain :))

She stole my sunglasses for the day! Got it from Nasty Gal a long time ago...

Squinting cos of the sun...

View part two!

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