Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singapore- Universal Studios (part 2)

...continued from part 1.

Ah, no wonder Riz is always late...

Mum got too excited to camwhore around the Mummy part of Universal Studios.

This was the creepiest, BEST ride EVER!!! Riz and I were the only ones to enter the chamber which was a loooooong pathway going to the ride itself. It was poorly-lit, confusing, and the scary sound effects added to the creepiness. It felt like the pathway was never going to end! Until we saw the workers along the ride itself... They were giggling and I think they knew we were going to be scared of the ride.

I kept my eyes open the whole time but I admit that I wanted to close them at some parts (even if I'm the most adventurous when it comes to rides and I never get scared). I was thinking to myself, "OMG is this what hell is like?!?!" during the pitch-dark moments, Imhotehp chasing you and screaming "YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!!!". MY GOODNESS. I wanted to have a go at it again but Riz was crying/laughing the whole time and I didn't want to go in the chamber alone.

If you hate unexpected drops and scary things, don't go on the Mummy ride. :))

Mini New York. Awwwwww :(

the Godfather. An all-time fave. Part 2 was the best. The last one was the worst.

Outside Universal Studios was Resorts World... It was crowded just like the one we have here in Manila...

Went to Toast Box after. I just had something to drink...



Unknown said...

i super love your photos raleene! i wanna try the mummy ride but i bet i'll freak out, haha! :) singapore looks super fun!

Raleene said...

Thanks, Reg! Yes, it's beautiful and fun. I wanna visit again and again! :)