Monday, March 7, 2011

When on break from school...

There's meals during meetings, and more schoolwork.

Feb 27 (Sunday)- endured hours of manning a paint booth alone inside True Value (Rockwell) for my practicum.

I was supposed to be a "color expert". It was really a drag but I got to hand out my cards to two people (WOW is that an achievement) who asked if I did consultations. Uhh, why not? IDs are paid at least Php 500 an hour for that.

Had dinner with dad right after...

March 2 (Wednesday)- After school, the first meeting of the night was with my groupmates for Business of Interior Design... They had dinner at Cafe Mary Grace and I sat with them to fix all the material we needed on my laptop...





Meeting #2- Joined the rest of the officers (total of 13) plus our course adviser. We had our first meeting ever & went home half an hour past midnight! And to think a lot had to pass major plates that morning... I'm the youngest among the officers and most of them have jobs aside from school... You really drive yourself nuts in our school because of the quarterm system and raising of funds for the exhibit. Sleep, what sleep??? Pass me some concealer for my eye bags!


March 3 (Thursday)- I was totally a zombie since I didn't sleep after coming home from the meeting... I had to prepare all presentation material for our BID class. I ended up napping before presenting our initial concept during Interior Design 3 (Restaurant Design) and woke up during our turn. Good thing our professor liked our concept, plans and boards!

Pia and I celebrated by having dinner at Chelsea. SI didn't feel like eating a lot, so I had some truffled green pea soup. Pia had some mac n' cheese off the kids' menu.


Friday- didn't have classes but still had to go to school to get briefed/rehearse for the alumni homecoming with the other officers.

Saturday- PSID alumni homecoming (will prolly post photos)

Sunday- sorta chill. Had to edit, send out e-mails, do plates, church. etc. (that's another blog post)

It's weird how my week becomes crummy when I don't get to run. I get more hyper when I work out but that also means I have to get a decent 6 hours' worth of sleep. Mum says I'm killing myself slowly with this pattern of sleep-deprivation with exercise. I can't really do anything about the serious case of insomnia that runs in the family. I work better at night anyways... I don't know what's keeping me going but I'm just going to stick with "It's the vegetarian thing, you should try it!" Take it from Jenna.

As soon as I finish school, I swear I'm gonna get as fit as I was the last time I had a long break- sleep and being stress-free definitely made all the difference. I'm going to continue hoping that my holiday appetite won't come back anytime soon. (HAHAH YOU WISH, RALEENE!)
*EDIT: don't worry guys, I really do try to sleep when I get the chance to. And if I get zero sleep, i don't torture myself by working out for 2 hours. LOL

I am boring myself here... Thank goodness for pretty food pics. Thank you friends for ordering yummy things! xx

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