Friday, April 8, 2011

DAS shoes + F21 launch outfit

New styles from DAS!


Previous styles posted HERE

Find DAS on:

Please refer to the links posted above if you want to inquire about the price and availability. I can't answer any of those questions. :)

Try them on and get yourself a pair this weekend at the Coachella Bazaar at Rockwell Tent!

What I wore to the Forever 21 Makati branch VIP opening:

my trusty old Spanish Moss Vintage blazer + Forever 21 earrings + Neil Felipp ram ring + Zara tank top + Cotton On shorts + DAS booties


Click HERE for the closeup of that ring. It's so pretty! Thanks, Nike!


Riz took these pics and it took so long for her to get it focused. I thought getting her to take my photos would be faster than setting up the tripod and camera myself, setting the timer and running back and forth- but no. She's got to be the most impatient "photographer" ever! That or she's just lazy. *grr. So excuse me for the heavy grain on these photos. I had to sharpen them so much.

The Forever 21 launch was crazy! There were so many fashionable people and of course I got to see tons of bloggers and friends. I only got to buy 2 tops for myself and 1 for Riz, plus 2 pairs of shoes. You sort of get overwhelmed by the variety in the store. It's slightly smaller than the branch at Megamall but the ceiling's higher. We got to roam around before the fashion show outside ended (I didn't bother watching since I arrived late and missed the ribbon cutting ceremony) so we got there when our shoe sizes were still available. As soon as the show ended, tons of people rushed in and we could feel the place getting warmer. Intense! I didn't get to take any photos since so many people were taking photos here and there plus I kept saying hi to people I haven't seen in so long- I barely had enough time to really browse through the racks. It was fun, though!

I want to go back a few days or a week after it's opened to the public so I can sort through the racks slowly. Or maybe I should just visit the Megamall branch... Hmm...

THANK YOU Pia for the invites, DAS for the shoes and to Studio Zen Salon!


nicolethedressupdoll said...

Love the outfit Raleene!and the shoes are gorgeous!I'll check it out :)

Raleene said...

Thakn you! :)

Karenade said...

Thanks! That means I don't need to go to Megamall to visit Forever 21. I live near Makati, that's why.