Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random photos- April 2011

That mushroom & cheese crepe from BIZU (forgot to jot down the exact name) I had for lunch. It was damnnn good. Not filling enough though, so mum and I got a salad:

Oh, Brie.. How I love thee.

Pizza Margherita (Cafe Mediterranean)... This was what dad had and I ordered a salad with QUINOA... I am now looking for ways to include it in my meals since it tastes awesome (never liked rice but this one, I can totally learn to love!). Google its benefits!

Are You Listening? "Brighter Lights" concert + CD launch

June and Joe doing their Good Morning High Fives camwhorage poses

Pretty Rizza... (look at the next photo)

Monster-faced Riz

Joe's cool tatt by Ces Olondriz- I LOVE her blog! Esp because she photographs her textile designs and menswear stuff. You guys know any other local blogger/s who write about that? I don't browse through too many blogs unless someone recommends them to me or I find someone interesting. I like looking at menswear, tattoo art, architecture, textile, boring photos, photographs out of heavily processed film and creepie crawlies.

We were supposed to go up for the final song but ended up watching since I saw that they lacked microphones :)) I also wanted to listen/watch!

Riz LOVES giving people hugs. Even if she's fangirling before I take her photo with someone.

sidenote- i envy people with big, nice smiles!

It's funny how I NEVER end up needing the lyrics when I bring a copy with me. Okay, I sorta needed it during this performance but nobody noticed and it was Riz who forgot the words to the first stanza. (Whoops sorry to embarrass you, Rizzo!)

Okay, first photo of these two without them looking like a cutesy couple! Stressed, Pao? :))

Glad so many people watched!

My brother wanted photos with his "idol" kuyas :)

Thank you, MickeyDeeeez

The only pink thing I've ever placed in my bag- this retractable Kabuki brush from Make-up Designory at Serendra. Pretty cheap for a big brush, got it for only Php 500 and it's vegan! I use it for my face powder.

Some goodies given to me by Trilogy-- thank you!

Couldn't stop ranting (and reading similar rants on twitter) about how hot this city is getting so this BOY wore a DRESS. Heee...

While I was at Trilogy I managed to purchase new TOMS (stonewashed, red ones)and these new frames.
They are the lightest next to my Swissflex (which I love, but getting them fixed for the 3rd time is too expensive) and they're made of wood! Hopefully they won't weigh too much when I get em back from the optical shop with my graded lenses. Eeep.

I'm in Singapore now and the WiFi in our hotel room is pretty messed-up. Dad sorta used the LAN connection before the WiFi so now we can only use the LAN in our room. WiFi works everywhere else, though. Will be back in Manila by Monday with lots of school matters to face.

I will forever love the gym and infinity pool in this hotel!


Anonymous said...

Your food pictures always makes me wanna eat! Great photos :)

Francesca M. Olondriz said...

Hey Raleen,

Thanks for the mention! I'm so stoked about your hair and your style. I miss my mohawk because of you.

ps. Your pic of Joseph's tattoo is really nice, can I use it for my tattoo portfolio?


Francesca M. Olondriz said...

Hey Raleene,

Love your style and your blog. You make me miss my mohawk. Keep it up, this site is dope!

Ps. Can I use the pic you took of Joe's tattoo for my tattoo portfolio?


Raleene said...

Hey Ces! Thank you. Sure, you can use the photo :)

Anonymous said...

I love those glasses! What brand are they? :)