Sunday, April 3, 2011

where the highs won't bring you down.


We met Reese Lansangan of Reese and Vica. Was flailing when she said she was a fan of our music.
Her blog just screams "I'm full of awesome."





Some of Barbie's "toys".

Liam's the cutest. He's always smiling/happy.



03.28.11 // 21:00

Some friends from Cebu came to Manila for their educational tours and a jam session just had to take place. Met some new talented friends from Ateneo, too.
New Orleans didn't allow a big group to make some noise since they had a performer that night, so we had to take the group to CAV (just across Agave at High Street). It was fun. Wine and music's always a great mix.

Can't tell you how happy I was to actually sit down and talk to my friends. It's been a long while.


Just a few rendered illustrations (Kurecolor markers on clearprint) of the costumes & makeup we proposed for the movie Star Trek... This was for our Workshop 2 class-- we had to completely redesign 7 of the sets/scenes from the movie as well, but my other group mates took those tasks so I was left to do the makeup/costumes along with the details. I didn't get to take a photo of everything since I was rushing for a shoot the next day.

Please be kind. I haven't drawn humans in 5 years (LOL). And I promise they didn't look that streaky IRL. My camera+Flickr just really sharpens edges. Boo.

04.01.11 // 06:30
Early call time. Weedge asked me to help him out with the set design of Barbie Almalbis Honasan's music video for her new song, Goodbye, My Shadow. We just had to use tons of furniture and decor from their house. Forgot to take a before & after picture but the change was so drastic!!!

The concept of the video is SO unique and time-consuming. I can't really reveal much but I'll just post the final thing once it's released. I can't wait to see it!!!

04.02.11 // 16:30
Fifi, Javy, Jed and I went with Steven to attend his cousin's event. He was part of Whiskey Hill and they opened their store/headquarters at the rooftop of some building in Makati last Saturday. Couldn't stay long to watch the bands since I had to edit some things but we managed to check out the place and watch some skaters before leaving.

I didn't really take too many photos since I just focused on forcing myself to actually TALK to people- to distract myself from thinking about the more stressful things. I took it as some sort of week-long break from school even if I still had projects. We don't have a summer break before our exhibiting term and graduation. Took advantage of the time my friends were on break instead. I never really see any of my high school buddies even if we live in the same city.

It's been months since I've spent time with my family. Riz is usually out or busy, locked in her room (I guess that's why you see us tweeting at each other instead of taking face to face, haha!) whenever we do end up at home at the same time. Some people have noticed that I was in a weird state, so thankfully the week provided some sort of remedy to whatever I was experiencing.

I am being played by those types of days that force you to become motionless. It's the same series of strong, self-destructive attacks that would've impaired the spirits of others... I really have to give myself credit for leaving just enough room for me to slowly rebuild and restrengthen my faith.

Gray skies are just clouds passing over.



I don't have a Yahoo! messenger ID. This hacker keeps trying to tell people that I'm pissed with my beau, or that I'm done with school and bored all the time. A lot of my friends STILL get fooled and talk to him/her about a lot of things. Guys, please please pleeeaaase be careful... I don't want any of you revealing any information to this sick person using my name. It's been more than a year and it's still on the loose!


*screencap by Anna



Krissy ~ style san san said...

such beautiful pictures!
Liam is soooooooooooo adorable!
he got the cutest smile!
Krissy xoxo

Raleene said...

Thank you, Krissy! And yessss he is :)