Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bloggers United!

Shared a booth with Kryz. We didn't even plan for this event... Well with the amount of clothes we had, there was no space left for artsy decorations :)

Kryz had so much to sell! 50% of that mat's hers and the right side is mine... As for the rack, she took up 70% of it while I had the rest for some of my dresses. We both didn't expect for the turnout to be that good so we both regret not bringing in a lot more old clothes! Well, ingress & egress would've been another problem...

Cams was our neighbor!

And Laureen, too!

Catwalk Cosmetics by Marj Sia

Patricia and Tin shared one booth

Tricia was with her group, Gondo Girls

her outfit was so cute!

Laureen's Andre Chang booties for sale (too bad we don't have the same shoe size!)

We had to leave our booth during lunchtime so THAT was what I made to let people know it was our booth! Kryz and I were laughing about it the whole time. Yes, we both come from design schools. Oh, and the paper I used was the backing from the labels/sticky tags for pricing. Markers borrowed from Domz. :))

Tricia and Domz photoboothing!

Had lunch with Cams, Laur and Kryz at Chelsea!

And the rest of us had my favorite sandwich of all time- the organic roasted vegetable salad!


By the time we went back to the bazaar, Steph was there!

Hey, rocket girl! LOL. It's Reg!

A lot of people had feathers on that day, so one person even had to ask if it was actually a trend! The owner of Maris also came up to our booth that day. She was the one who gave Kryz and I our first pairs of feathered earrings! Thanks again :)

Me with Kookie... The dynamic art filter on my Lumix is so cute, it made our cheeks so pink :)

My outfit... Took me 5 minutes to get dressed so naturally, I ended up hating myself when I got to the bazaar! I looked so BOXY that day... Oh well! The goal was to be in comfy clothes since I knew I was going to get harassed by all the selling and fixing of our clothes.

Dress from Cotton On, boots and denim polo from Zara, 2 earrings (mismatched) from Topshop

The girls of Sophie's Mom are so young! They had the best frozen mochi and nutella mochi! If you don't know what mochi is (just like Kryz who had them for the first time that day), you're missing out!

And here's their super cutesy booth (Sophie's Mom)

Vern's skirt had a cute ribbon at the back


Danah and Stacy of the Plump Pinay

This girl was so adorable and shy! Her mum was shopping around the place and she was just tailing around her. She only smiled and waved at me when she heard me sing on stage. Yay :)

Barbie colors! Kryz and I adored her hot pink blazer, which she got from a thrift store. I have yet to teach Kryz to go thrifting-- she's never been!

We all couldn't stop laughing at how hilarious Gelo was! He ambushed me again for another Keeping it Fab interview!


Bloggers United was a success! Earned quite a sum from selling clothes I've decided to finally part with (I'm a pack rat and hoarder when it comes to clothes). Thankfully there's another one coming. I have a couple of things I still want to let go of... My mom's kind enough to finally allow me to extend my closet. I've been living off a 1.2 meter-wide closet since I've moved here and I kid you not, my guy friends have bigger closets than I do! So now that I'm going to have a bit more room to arrange my clothes nicely, I'm happy that I was able to let go of some...

I know Kryz and the other girls can't wait for the next bazaar as well. Melai, Pax and Ana intended for it to be low-key since it was their first, but the turnout was so great. We didn't know people would actually go all out to buy from us since the location wasn't that accessible (32nd floor of the Malayan Plaza, right across the Podium at Ortigas). Plus I saw a lot of tweets that so many wanted to go but couldn't.

It's always nice to meet some of my readers! I had fun chatting with some of them. Actually, the entire experience was great! The other bloggers and I had the whole day to take photos with each other, catch up, chill or even dougie to the music (special mention- Laureen). And of course, Riz and I are thankful that we got to play that night. Thank you to those who think our noise is music! Really touched with the amazing comments (and tweets) we got. That was the first time that my bloggity friends got to hear us.

Many thanks to Kat for dropping by, and for heading back a few hours after to see our set and take photos!


More stolen photos...


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Unknown said...

looks like fun! Wish i could've gone!

mestizay said...

Seeing my photo in your blog means a lot to me!:)
I love reading your blog and I'm glad to meet you in person!


nicolethedressupdoll said...

You're really a good singer Raleene!It was nice seeing you in person!:)


SHOP DBP said...

Ral! I love the art filter in your camera! The girls look like dolls! I want to buy one tuloy! :)

Kat Ambrocio said...

Halloo (sound better when you say it) haha! You are so nice Ral! Hoping to see more of the Walkie Talkies, you and your sister doesn't only sing good but the humor you two have on stage is also a +factor. May God bless you always and your family. Keep safe! <3 ~kat

Anonymous said...

You should have at least put on a sun shade shape on that eye:) Just kidding......:) nice bazaar event you got there, congrats to its success!:)