Monday, May 23, 2011

Goodbye My Shadow music video

Barbie's new music video for her song "Goodbye My Shadow".

Decorated and rearranged the whole room on the first day of shooting... Can't believe I got to contribute to the "clutter" in this awesome video! Heh.... The room was really empty and different when we got there. They didn't decorate or fix anything yet since they had just moved in that are of the house. After day 1, they were saying how much they wanted to keep the arrangement of the furniture that way! We used everything that we could find in their house & nothing else was bought.

This was done by the very creative Luis Daniel Tabuena! I can still hear him discussing the concept over and over again in my head. Because really, you can't imagine the whole thing if you were in my place just looking at the set. And can you figure out the number of hours they took to shoot each photo, put each one in position and then take a photo of the photo on the set? MY GAWD. They should just make a stop-motion app. :))

From Barbie's YouTube page:

"Goodbye My Shadow" is the title track of the new album--coming out this week. We will bring CDs at our next gig in Route 196, Katipunan (Tuesday, May 24). Hope to see you there!

Directed By: Luis Daniel Tabuena
Produced By: Luis Daniel Tabuena
Director of Photography: Takeyuki Onishi
Cameraman: Mark See
Editor: Luis Daniel Tabuena
Colorist: Luis Daniel Tabuena

Written By: Barbie Almalbis Honasan
Arranged and Performed by: Alden Abaca (Drums) Barbie Almalbis(Guitars/Vocals) Karel Honasan (Bass Guitar)
Produced By: Maly Andres
Executive Producers: Tommy and Ynel Tanchanco/12 Stone Records

Thanks to:
Kodak, Rolly Bombio, Patti Malay, Julianne Tarroja, Raleene Cabrera

Okay, can I just fangirl for a bit? AAAH Barbie's one of the few Filipino artists I looked up to. I remember saying how pretty she looked with minimal or no makeup at all, and I remember wanting to be her when I was really young. I wanted to be a real rockstar like her! And now that I've met her, it's so awesome that I find her even more admirable- so down to earth, cool and blessed in life. She was the first to say hi to us at our gig, kept saying thank you when all I really did was to arrange furniture and de-clutter for a few hours. She's the only true female rockstar who's "made it" in our country and you just know she deserves it. (That's disregarding all diva-like or noontime show-related female singers... You get my point.) The first day of that shoot was just like a day with her friends, they were choosing outfits from her closet while we were sprucing up the place. The elements in the set were so simple but it turned out to be a really cool vid, don't you think? Props to Weedge for directing, editing, producing and tweaking the colors for it to look like it was Instagram-ed!


Trixie said...

GO! GET THE NEW BOLD! I'm getting one too haha cos my 3yrs old Bold is kinda giving up on me na :(

Watch this:

Jariss Manlapas said...

This is what you were talking about! Good job with the clutter. It looked great! *laughs* Must reblog. I'm totally obsessed with her, been obsessed since grade school days. She's just so BEAUTIFUL. <3

Gillian Uang said...

I love this video RAL! <3 <3 <3