Sunday, May 8, 2011

The heat is on!

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photo by Pia

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photo by Pia

photo by Aivan

I always forget to take out those price tags under shoes. Huuuuu.

Had a fundraiser at 7th High yesterday (5.6.11) for our upcoming exhibit. It was the most fun event we've had so far! The turnout was great and it was cool that we had it at the lounge before we headed to the club right beside it.

Robin and his whole band performed before us and I'm glad people still enjoyed us singing an acoustic set at that kind of venue (LOL). The night would've been perfect but those damn shoes caused me so much pain! I always say that none of my shoes cause much discomfort since I make sure I get comfortable ones, especially if they're not cheap. I thought I was lucky to get those since they were affordable, but they're just too big for me so my feet were pushed down the entire night to prevent them from slipping all the way when. By the time we went out of Republiq I decided to just walk to the parking lot barefoot. Yeap, barefoot. And as I went outside Pia's house to get picked up, I finally experienced the pain of walking on textured concrete. Youuuuuch. I've decided to put em up for sale! They're pretty but I think I'll have to look for better pumps that'll fit perfectly so I won't complain endlessly about not being able to walk or dance properly.

And yay, I finally have my own iPad 2! Any apps worth getting or paying for?


Anonymous said...

Are all your gigs in a bar?

Raleene said...

Nope. I just don't post enough photos of our other gigs Haha. :))

Nina said...

girrrl, you are so beautiful! stumbled on your blog through lookbook!

Raleene said...

Thank you :)