Monday, May 23, 2011

I want new/pretty toys.

Blackberry bold 9900

I KNOW you all know I'm a sucker for all things Mac. Recently got the iPad 2 and I've been screaming "Team Apple" since forever BUT you can't imagine how many times I've gotten the "What's your BB pin?" question and honestly, I don't think WhatsApp is up to par with the BBM. I want this model since I instantly LOVED its design! I really don't have time to compare the long list of BB models right now, so please tell me if this sucks or what. I don't want the Torch since it's bulky and slide phones have never been my thing... I want something sleek and fast.

Because I know I'll never be CRAZY enough to buy the limited edition titanium Leica M9 for $29000 (or any Leica M series cam for that matter-- I'm too rough on my cameras!),I'll settle for this. It's pretty cool and even if I know I won't be able to change the lens (I don't even change my Lumix GF1's), this would be a pretty awesome pocket camera. The viewfinder and built-in flash is something my Lumix lacks (the flash pops up on the GF1/2) and this has a rangefinder system thing going on... You won't be able to use it properly if you don't know how to use a manual camera, though... There are no intelligent auto settings. I want to be able to practice fixing the settings on a camera again! Whenever I shoot or pick up my DSLR, I keep having to force myself to stay away from my Lumix.

And just look at it... It looks so cool and oldschool! PRETTEH!

Nikon D7000

I'm not a pro, so I'm not touching any of those FX cameras. For now, I can only wish to upgrade my Nikon D80 to this DX camera. Google the specs if you please...

I know you're all going to grill me for saying "Oh please, the camera doesn't matter." But the noise levels and grain once I pump up the ISO's (for clients, not my blog) starting to bug me. I never thought I was going to do a lot of things when I first purchased my D80 way back when I was in first year college. I mean, why would we need a camera in Interior Design? Oh that's right, we don't.

But now that I plan on actually pursuing photography after school, I'm considering investing on a better camera. I have Nikon lenses so it only makes sense to stick to Nikon. I've never had a problem shooting with my D80 and my grandpa was a Nikon guy.

This is priced at $1,200 (body only) but hmmm if I am dead serious about pursuing a phophographyyy why not go for an FX cam like the D700? Priced at $2,700... Hmmm...

GAH I wish I didn't have to earn and pay for my own gadgets. I wish I loved clothes more than gadgets since they're far more expensive, your world will crumble if they get stolen, and unlike clothes, they don't make YOU pretty. HAH..

Okay these are accessories... But...

Why, Nixon? Why???