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Inside Bjork

Inside Bjork
(released July 2003)

I remember seeing one of Bjork's videos for the first time (Army of Me, 1995, the same tune in Suckerpunch) when I was younger and telling myself that she was weird and funny, yet her voice was clearly not... manufactured. I remember it because of the gorilla and the giant diamond, but I didn't understand any of that of course since I was just 5 years old.

Haven't forgotten her since then, and of course my love for her increased over time as I came to understand music more and more. Being able to go back to her after hearing so many new artists popping out by being marketed in insane proportions is sort of refreshing even if she isn't as current. She's certainly one of those very few artists who can dare to execute things that are just out-of-this world and not appealing to the masses at first, and get away with it with so many people just watching in amazement.

I found her funny and crazy when I was about 5, but you have to admit that a lot of the things she does in her music and videos is something we would all like to do every minute of our lives... That is, to be free and to ignore everyone else's opinions. Tell me if you can't relate to any of those happy dances in her videos. I'm sure at one point in your life you've done at least one really insane thing after hearing great news or whatever. Do people really want to dance the way media portrays sexy 24/7? Do we need to flaunt a perfect female/male form to come out sensual and attractive?

I'm blabbing on and on because it's rare for me to appreciate a lot of the bigger pop stars out there now, mostly because they're only being forced to do things to sell (for the most part, they have talent, but you can't blame them for following their music labels). YES I know not every artist is doing that, and you can't just force people to change their views on what good music is. Music should be something that awakens your senses, and if you achieve that by listening to (insert pretty pop star here), then so be it.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that she is one of those people I personally look up to, admire and only wish to become. I'm content with the fact that I can never be her (LOL). I just admire her for wanting to GROW and explore more and more, and she clearly does that without sticking to a trend in the industry and without basing her decisions on whatever people will mostly likely appreciate. The only key to helping the entire human race is INNOVATION, and that applies to any field. Bring something new to the table and a lot of people will question you at first, but you prove yourself right with a little pride and belief in yourself-- just enough so in the long run it'll make them stare in awe.

SO PLEASE. There is NO competition as to who's done this or that first, and who's more of a genius because only time will tell if you have indeed created an impact.

Okay back to Bjork...

Her lyrics don't seem relatable at first, just because they are poetic in form and they range from stories on womanhood, childhood, sensuality, nature, social issues, etc. It takes much more for a person to write or even think about things other than simple reflections of love or sadness- those two are really easy to write about (and obviously Bjork is known to NEVER take the easy way out). I love her for being able to take me to a higher level of thinking and feeling, which is not something I can ever do with the common club music unless you're intoxicated. Haha... I think it's somewhat like being in a bubble of joy and a state of abstraction, brought about by different things embedded in her music. I really envy her for being able to record the different points in her life with such beautiful music!!! I can only wish to do the same in photos and my other work, and I have a LONG way to go.

I think a lot of people have said the same things I've wanted to express about her in the 6 videos, so watch all of em!!!

Enjoy :)

AND... let us revel in her beauty!!!
(Google image search saves me in this post)

She is often sexual, but she will never be "cliche sexual". Fishnet stockings are "an easy way out."

McQueen was rising at the same time Bjork made a music video in his dress.

From her video "Oceania"
Yes, I am aware that she considers nature as her religion... Some can say she is an Atheist.

A very colorful rockstar. Her voice and her face is very childlike at first, then she wows you with its depth and sexiness. Seriously, is she human???

Sean Penn said that a person with her temperament need not to be trained, since she acts out of instinct. Training becomes an inhibitor for someone who has preserved his/her instinct at a young age... She won the best actress award at Cannes for her first movie without taking acting workshops. WOW.

With fashion:
"It's about synchronizing what happens inside and out. And that's the same thing, not being able to relax unless I look on the outside as I feel on the inside... And then I like, I relax."

According to her, she is doing music for the everyday person. Her role is to be a communicator between all sort of different worlds. "I want to do so many things and I've got so little time."

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Denise said...

oh i love bjork. am close to naming my baby bjork, but i got a boy. so maybe the next one.

before GAGA Bjork's already the ONE. love her. and i enjoyed all the videos you included. she's crazy fun.