Friday, May 6, 2011

Long weekend in Singapore

Photos taken right before we were leaving the hotel on our last day... Wearing an "airport-friendly outfit" :)


I'm the eldest among the cousins but I think my brother's gonna be the tallest one soon. He's only 13! I'm 5'6" so that makes him... 5'5"?

My cousins Beatrice and Mikey were also going back to Malaysia on the same day.

Don't let my photos fool you, it was really sunny that day, but not as sunny as Manila wherein you have to SQUINT once you walk outside.

This hotel was SUPER CROWDED since it was a long weekend for Malaysia and Singapore.

This is what my flip-out table in the plane looked like. It looks so messy but I obviously did not murder my meal, just cos PAL doesn't offer a vegetarian menu! I'm totally fine with that though, and I'm never one to complain about airplane food anymore since I've never liked any of the food the airlines would offer (I've lowered my expectations). Ever since two of my cousins became flight attendants for separate airlines, they told us that the meals are packed with calories (doubled or more) to keep the passengers satiated throughout the entire flight. EEP!

So my seatmate (Riz or my mum) would usually eat my meal and they give me their salads in return. The only highlight of my meal for this flight was the dessert from Bizu- so good! Hope they serve that in their restaurants. :)

Like I said, the Marina Bay Sands hotel was super packed because of the Labor Day weekend. They made us wait for almost 6 hours for our room to be ready and as much as I'm fine with waiting, I seriously ran out of things to do. This hotel isn't really known for great service but I love the pool and their gym! It also helps that a lot of Filipinos work there and they're always the friendliest! Can't find a decent photo of the gym, but here's a funnily-rendered one from their website. And I think the photos I took of the sky park from my last trip were better just because it wasn't as crowded... I can't wait to go back though! I even spent/wasted a whole day alone at the hotel and it was worth it. I didn't shop much. I took home only one tiny shopping bag! But that's cos I just like being in such a nice city like Singapore. I don't go there to shop (everything's more expensive) but I like flying there to spend time with the family, walk around in a clean city with really disciplined people. Each time we go there we all can't help but wish for our country to develop as fast as theirs did. Imagine, the Phils. was far more "advanced" just decades ago... I'll stop comparing since my heart still belongs to the Philippines. Teeeheeee.

Someone commented that I don't post as much pics of myself anymore... That's mainly because I really don't feel comfortable forcing others to take photos of me! LOL. And lately I've been feeling very... icky cos of the heat wave in Manila. That means I don't give a damn about what I wear anymore each time I head to school. The weather here's seriously been giving everyone headaches and I've been VERY irritable. Imagine sweating even if you're facing the AC, wearing the thinnest clothes and barely moving... I hate whining about something we can't control but I just wanted to point out that it really does affect your concentration, state of mind and mood- which hampers work and productivity! It also doesn't help that I really sweat easily. Mum says that's cos of a fast metabolism, but seriously? I would be a skinnyass if that were true. HA!

Oh but I still do take vain shots... iPhone photos like these which I never put on here just because the quality irks me. Haha :P

Yessss I am gonna take some decent self-portraits soon just because I miss doing them!!!


in Aie's shoes said...

awww what a beautiful place Ral!
"I took home only one tiny shopping bag!" - leme guess? you got an eyeliner? =)

Raleene said...

Eyeliner and some earrings from Topshop! :))