Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tumblr Royalty on the Philippine Star


(L-R) Seph & Shai, Tricia, Saab, Walkie Talkies, Don, Rob (on the floor) and Regina (not pictured since she left before we could take this group photo at the end of the shoot)

Fashion // Art (Saab arrived late so she's not on our photo)


You can read the article ONLINE. Or read another one related to it HERE. Both written by Karen Bolilia!

(Scans from LoveChic. Posting a clearer photo of this for y'all tomorrow!)

"We at Young Star thought it was about time to meet the Royal Tumblr Family. The kings and queens of site traffic, and appropriately armed with weapons to keep their kingdoms in order: the cameras, the laptops and the iPhones and Blackberries for good measure. If the Internet is their castle, then empowerment is their creed. After all, the medium is the message to the royal subjects: whoever you are, you are your most socially lucrative asset. Follow the leader? How about being one yourself."

So this is the result of that photo shoot at Salon de Ning with fellow Tumblr peeps... I love that our photos show that we're a pretty fun bunch! It was a really fun shoot and it was nice being part of a group that was composed of really cool bloggers... Got to meet Seph & Shai that day, and I find their blog really cute and unique since they run it together and post fashion-related things as a couple! Met Don, one of the founders of the awesome Pelikula Tumblr which we were all fans of! We didn't even know he ran that blog until these photos & the article came out so you can only imagine how everyone reacted on Facebook ("OMG I'm a fan!").

Saab, Rob, Tricia and Regina are all pretty known on the local Tumblr scene and they were actually part of the first few people I followed when I opened my personal Tumblr... They all have their own thing going on with their blogs, which should always be the case! I'm guilty of not putting on too much effort to actually write on there, simply since I've put up this blog first and feel more comfortable posting here... My Tumblr is more of a dumpsite for my photos which will link you to this site, and on rare occasions I reblog. Riz's site is pretty cool too, especially when she gets so many notes on her music and covers! Our band page (WalkieTalkiesMusic) rarely gets notes for each post but we use that as the band's site, so they chose that to add something different to this group (music blog).

Oh, and we were on the radar!

(photo from Vince)

This angered quite a number of people. :P

Oh and so many people asked the same question Saab and Tricia asked, "Where's Ramon?"-- this article focused on the younger bloggers. Young Star Philippines. Oh gosh. :))


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Nice shots. Gonna check out the blogs that I haven't already followed!

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