Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's in my bag?

I've been asked to do a "what's in my bag" post or to show my shoe collection SO many times... The reason why I've never done anything similar or related to those is because I really don't find any of my stuff interesting enough. After browsing through a couple of entries and photos on the What's In My Purse site on Tumblr, I've noticed some simple ones and I'm convinced that some entries are more interesting when they're not contrived or filled with pretty things.

My aunt sent us a package of things from their trip America a couple of hours ago. Yeah it's what us Filipinos call pasalubong- a concept that I really can't fully embrace. It's not that I hate giving or that I'm so ungrateful. Can someone tell me if other cultures do this? I just don't like the thought of people thinking about what to get for ME on their trip instead of enjoying their vacation-- I just wanna see photos! Haha. Plus on our recent trip to Singapore I can't count how many times my mum kept asking me if this or that was enough for friend1 or friend2, etc. My mindset is that I think we (almost) have everything here, and if I really want something that I know is more expensive to get online OR can't purchase here, then I'll send you a note to buy it for me.

Anyways, aside from the mountain of chocolates we get each year, I'm still happy that my aunt gave me this...

The Mini Emergency Kit for her by Mr. & Mrs. It has hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, clear elastics, sewing kit, double-sided tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon (with a toxic shock syndrome warning LOL), breath freshener, dental floss, and adhesive bandages.

And that led me to taking photos of the entire mess that contributed to the weight of my bag...

I'm not into bags. I buy what I think is nice, roomy and functional enough for school and going out. I just change it when the strap falls off or a part of it gets peeled off (what a lady). I like compartments, a flat bottom and solid colors.

Mum gave me that black Kipling bag before we flew to Singapore and I was happy that it was the perfect thing for traveling. I just don't like that it's so shapeless but it'll do as an everyday bag.

Inside I have my Topman wallet (Riz bought this for me more than a year ago), black Ray Ban aviators, Muji calling card case, small Beabi container for vitamins, glass spray container thing with alcohol (I don't like alcogel), PSID and Benilde IDs, Marshall earphones, Jordi Labanda fountain pen, MontBlanc ball pen + refill, highlighter, a small eraser (sometimes I accidentally bring drafting materials haha), house keys with this pirate Lego keychain, sequined butterfly coin purse from Accessorize, Braun Buffel card case, Lumix lens cap (to represent the GF1 that I used for this shot) and my iPhone 4.

And I'm sure most of the weight is being contributed by my camera AND the amount of makeup I have in a huge pouch...

I carry all of these in my bag since I do my makeup in the car and on some days I end up leaving the house without other "tools", so I work with those during events...

Chanel purete mat shine-control face powder (with SPF 15), oil control film, 2 retractable brushes (I still love the one from the Body Shop more than that pink kabuki brush I recently purchased), MAC lipstick in Blankety that I NEVER use (IDK why I never took it out of my makeup case--I end up wiping my lipstick off after 15 minutes during special occasions), La Cross tweezers, Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, Make Up For Ever's smoky lash mascara, MAC brow set in Show-off, Carmex lip balm, MAC studio finish NW20 concealer (the only thing I always go back to & one pot lasts a year or more), MAC eyeshadow in Espresso for my brows, OPI cuticle oil to go, Opti-Free express rewetting drops, eyeliners from Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay (blue, brown & black), Sigma and NYX brushes for my brows, NARS blush in Orgasm and Guerlain Terracotta bronzer.

I can do my makeup for a huge event with all of those and I usually do that by smudging on eyeliner as my eyeshadow and layering tons of mascara. I also apply more blush and bronzer so I don't look as washed out on photos. I only use foundation when I get my makeup done or when I have shoots, so it's useless to ask me about my favorite brand and shade (but I do know a lot about primers and different kinds of foundations). I've made my makeup routine really simple as compared to before. I've stopped stocking up on a whole spectrum of eyeshadows since I don't need them for school anymore (Issa and I used to do the makeup for all of our school productions). I'll admit that I do know a lot about makeup products since I research well, know the ingredients and read tons of reviews before buying them. I also switch up from drugstore to high-end. I watch makeup tutorials all the time, just so I know I'm prepared anytime I have to do the makeup for a shoot... (btw, my faves are Pixiwoo, Petrilude and Kandee Johnson!)

It's my first time to use that Chanel powder. Saved about 20 SGD since I stopped myself from buying it at the mall and then found it again in Duty Free. Love ittt. I don't spend on foundations so I decided to spend a bit more for powder this time. I am on a lifelong quest to find the most long-lasting, lightweight and mattifying powder because I feel like my skin produces more oil as I layer on more products. It's so sad that I have super oily skin and I have to put up with the weather in this country, but whatever, I still love it here.

So there you have it-- a really lengthy list of what I have in my bag everyday.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that you use the clean and clear sheets. I used to use them too, but I found that the ingredients listed contained mineral oil. I am the same as you, I too have really oily skin but I felt like when I used those sheets they just made me more oily... I read somewhere that mineral oil contributes to more oil, which makes you buy the sheets more. I switched then, and my skin has been fairly good to me. That or prolly cause' I switched to better food... just lettin you know, since I feel your pain with oily skin. Nice blog!

Raleene said...

OMG are you freakin kidding me? The ingredients aren't on the back! I feel so misinformed. Well I don't stick to this brand, I just buy the film-type sheets instead of the thin paper-type ones since I do sweat a lot and hate it when it just gets drenched instead of picking up oil on my face when I use it. The last sheets I used were from Gatsby, I'm gonna see if those things have mineral oil too. Thanks so much for the info! I've gone through a phase of just using tissue to wipe off powder and oil building up but I just picked up the C&C sheets from my last trip to Singapore at a convenience store. Oh gosh. O_O

My skin has improved SO much from the time I became a vegetarian (my T-zone was a breeding ground for zits) but I have combination skin so it's just so hard to find the products that will do well on both skin types. It just gets harder when the weather changes drastically- the oilies get bad and my dry skin needs to get moisturized so much too.

Anonymous said...

what perfume/cologne do you use? what's the best matte face powder for you?

Raleene said...

I don't really stick to perfumes and use them everyday cos of my allergies... But right now there's a bottle of this perfume mom gave me from Bvlgari and another one by Kate Moss... The best so far would be Make Up For Ever's Duo Mat and the one I'm using from Chanel.