Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inca museum plate for Interior Design 4

Poster i made... Credits to the owners of these photos I found through Google!!!

Get ready for some RUSHED rendering.

We were assigned to Anthropological Museum: INCAS for our Interior Design 4 class and spent days working on this... We sorta crammed but thank goodness our concept and floor plan saved us! Our professor was in a good mood and didn't mind our rendering...

AND we gave up on calculating the lux/lumens for each room til the last minute... So happy that we weren't asked that question anymore! Pia, Toni and I got a 98 for this... WOOPWOOP! Not sleeping at all paid off!


Anonymous said...

Such lovely drawings, I'm following!

itsNikki said...

Hi Ms. Raleene! Just stumbled across your blog and thank God that i did! Im just great to see fellow stylish pinays here on blogspot! Love your style and great photos too! hope you can drop by mine as well. It will be such a huge honor! Have a great day! xo

Anonymous said...

Your presentation would've been much nicer if you used leroy instead of the common lettering guide.
Cool work btw =)

Raleene said...

Anon- thank you! They actually discourage us from using lettering guides... They want us to write well sans templates! But of course, we don't trust our own handwritings enough :)) I'll look for that leroy lettering guide you're talking about :)

Anonymous said...

It looks like this:


I think the blades are sold separately. Its so easy to use, just needs a little practice.
Well, I hope that helped. Kudos! ;)

Kat Ambrocio said...

This makes me miss manual drafting and rendering. Good job Ral! :)