Thursday, June 30, 2011

S'mores cuppycakes

I swear we're creating a separate blog/website for our Skinny Sweets Line soon...

Just can't wait to start selling these yummies next week!

Skinny Sweets- S'mores cupcakes
They're low-sugar & vegan (no dairy and eggs in the recipe)

Skinny Sweets- S'mores cupcakes
Skinny Sweets- S'mores cupcakes
Skinny Sweets- S'mores cupcakes
layer 1- graham crackers
layer 2- hidden marshmallow
layer 3- chocolate cake crumble
layer 4- just a bit more grahams
and a marshmallow + homemade chocolate ganache topping

Skinny Sweets- white chocolate-coated red velvet cake pops
I also just HAD TO take a photo of these nicely lined-up white chocolate coated red velvet cake pops. Freshly baked and delivered just yesterday. (Cake pops are Php 50 each)

Order now to reserve a box and avail of the introductory price of Php 450 for 6 cuppycakes!

We'll be sending out the first few batches on Wednesday (I'll be out of town from Sunday to Tuesday for work).

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Anonymous said...

Are the marshmallows vegan too?

Raleene said...

Yeap, vegan marshmallows! Took a while for us to find those. :))

Honey Andrade said...

MY GAD!!!! So hungry right now!!!

Maggie ☮ said...

those look absolutely delicious! :)