Sunday, June 19, 2011

We are weekenders.

Friday night- Republiq
Went to Republiq for KC Montero's birthday right after dropping by Fiamma for Joe's bday.
Sam wasn't supposed to go but Pao was able to drag her out of her house. She was supposedly my "surprise".
I saw so many people but I decided to enjoy the night-- I don't have a lot of photos.

Okay we clearly didn't agree on what look to go for- friendly or fierce?

My thesis groupmates/Skinny Sweets models are so pretty!

3 copy! I was a foot away from him but of course I didn't want to show that I got a bit starstruck... I know he's filo and all, but c'mon, he's known all over the world! Still trying to figure out why he's in the country.

5 copy
7 copy
8  copy

Saturday- June's EP launch at the Collective
Skinny Sweets debut. June's HEAVY EYES EP. Lots of CSB friends. Plus some hipster kids.

I missed Inez

First time to sell our cake pops. WOOHOO! Still happy that everyone who bought from us kept raving about how good they were... :)

June before her performance

Just found out that Vanessa's staying here for good and she's now under Elite Manila! Damn, Miss Cebu! :))


Sunday @ High Street
Father's day surprise. RAIN. RAIN. RAIN. Led worship (Church Simplified) at 2nd's with Riz, Bebo and Joe. Met up with Steven. More rain.

brother: "Why do you always bend your left knee when someone takes your photo?"

gotta pee
me: "That's the I WANT TO PEE pose."
And oh hey, I am flashing my biggest smile. Still no gums. FML.


Honey Andrade said...

I love the last photo.. :D
Miss you!

ChristinaAfrique said...

I love this blog post it is very photo heavy and enthusiastic :D

Opposite lipstick said...

love ur blog!!!

Mikey Sanchez said...

wow! V's with Elite na? big time!