Sunday, July 31, 2011

schoolin, life.

Excuse me for not being able to blog about anything too interesting lately. I've been spending much time with these girls trying to finish our thesis.


This is the creative shot for our yearbook, btw. Our bathroom's main material is going to be CLAY and our photos had to reflect the material we were using for our exhibit.

I also like this other version... What do you guys think?


The colors of the two photos were edited by... me! I asked the yearbook committee if I could edit them since we used chocolate clay mask and body paint to get the mud effect but they turned out ORANGE in the original pic. I just had to do something about it!

So I haven't been out in weeks... And I haven't had a drink in months. As you all know, I have tons of work to do aside from school so I get guilty whenever I go out or even shop. My conscience keeps bugging me and I keep telling myself that there's work to be done every time I attempt to loosen up. Don't mind me, I'm weird like that.

My thesis mates and I met up at 7th High last Saturday night and found out that Status Magazine brought in DJ Ross One from New York for their issue release party. The place was so packed! I brought out my camera after Pia reminded me that I had one (LOL) and I was able to snap a few photos of us out together.

DJ Ross One


So I wasn't really able to let loose and I ended up having just one drink. I feel like I'm becoming too much of a grandma...

Maybe I'll finally be able to relax after our exhibit. :)

Oh, and Cassie is on the cover of the August issue!


Up to this day I still can't believe she follows me on Twitter AND sent me that DM.


...because I think she is too gorgeous for words... And her hair is awesome.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Year of 4

I am a workaholic and I don't belive in NO. I don't believe in 'I need to sleep'. If I'm not sleeping, nobody's sleeping.

Independence is not easy, but it's gonna get easier.

My focus is not "bigger", it's QUALITY. And I wanna make sure it's something I'm proud of years from now.


Watched this a few weeks ago with my beau while pigging out on some Dear Darla from Yellow Cab (the only pizza I'll always crave for) and was smiling the entire time. I can't believe he was able to watch the whole thing while in awe... He's not a fan of her music but admits that she can sing. Bey's definitely the only singer I've seen live who's never had a hard time dancing AND singing at the same time. She sounds WAY BETTER live and it's evident that she started at a young age. Her voice remains so crisp and her notes are so on point throughout the whole concert that you'll think it's pre-recorded and enhanced. Other artists nowadays sound like shit when they're performing crazy routines. Trust me, belting out tunes while dancing in stilettos is such a hard task and I barely survived each night I had to do that for our prods before. It's definitely not an easy task so I always praise whoever can do those things flawlessly. Sadly, only a few people can do that.

Beyonce's one of the very few pop stars that I really admire. I've been a fan ever since her Destiny's Child days. I don't go crazy over every song she releases, but this short video somewhat encapsulates all the things about her that I adore-- her realness/genuineness , perfectionism, fearlessness, creativity and a true understanding of her significance in the music industry. I admire her even more now that she's become her own boss. I really wish I can develop the same attitude towards my craft. She inspires me to strive for the best, to hang on to my virtues and to continue to strive for excellence.


"You should be doing it just because YOU LOVE IT."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

our version of Stop by the Spice Girls

Last Sunday we got to record our version of Stop for the Sound Circle... We first posted a cover of this song on Rizza's Youtube account last year since we had to practice 2 songs from the group for Spice Girls night at Saguijo.

We love singing this song since it's fun and I guess most people think of it to be too much of a bubblegum pop song for us to cover.

We're having another gig this week at Casa Nami! Drop by tonight for Assassin's Cake. Other bands playing: Kapnobatai, Salamin, Sugarplum Fairy, Tiny Cactus and Not Applicable.

Sorry I haven't been posting too many photos... I've been trying to stop myself from going out too much (unless it's work-related) since I want to conserve my energy and time for my thesis! We only have a month to prepare and another month to construct the whole exhibit so it's.... seriously nerve-wrecking and exhausting.

Hope you guys like the video! I think another one will be posted tonight and it's one of our originals called Apple Juice (Kiss and Tell).


I Don't post gig scheds too often here, so please like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or Tumblr for updates!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I got my heart right here... I got my scars right here.

our mashup of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley

Now that we're done with our baby thesis (the last freakin' "BABY" that we'll have to put up with), it's time to finally listen to some good music, catch up on my Zs and then recharge myself. I need to get my endorphin kick, attend to a whole lot of other things and most especially BREATHE.

My thesis groupmates and I are just really glad it's over... One hour and a half inside the chamber of critique is something we always dread. Instead of thinking about how to explain our design direction well a while ago, all I could think of was the number of minutes before I can get out of the room. I know that makes me sound like a really bad student, but when you've been deprived of sleep for so long, drained of creativity and energy, there's nothing much left to think about... I'm looking forward to planning for our exhibit and thesis. Of course I'm not excited about the work load, I just really want to get it over with! Sorta funny how my mates and I just want to get this course done so we can take another course and follow a completely different career path (more on that sensitive topic on another post).

I can't even think of any more things to write about. Slept for about 5 hours already but after reading the e-mails and Facebook/Google Plus notifications I think I wanna reunite with my soft bed again. I feel like this entire week's done so much damage to my body, especially those last two days of zero sleep. We took 20-minute "power naps" but they weren't counted since we were still answering to each other's questions about our plate while taking turns on Nini's bed. (Seriously feel like I'm not making sense now)

I hope you enjoy the mashup I posted! I personally don't like the way I sang cos I was too chill (hello, sharps). But I love how Riz's voice is like a warm blanket (I love my sister's voice) and Rob's guitar skills are so evident. We're trying to meet up at Robin's dad's attic each week to produce more videos. Our aim is to get them all in one take, with no modifications in the sound quality during editing. We'll be adding more people to each jam session!!! Woohoo! Subscribe to the Sound Circle HERE. All videos done by Luis Daniel Tabuena.

Oh, and I hate myself for not discovering the awesomeness of Abel Tesfaye AKA The Weeknd early on... The whole album is just pure eargasm. Download it for free HERE.

My faves:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Preview Best Dressed Ball

Can't wait for Danika's shoe line to come out!!!

Ziggy and BJ are the cutest!!! Err blurry photo.

Don't you just love Divine? I like her cos she's nice and she knows how to have fun.

1 copy
Robe by Mia Arcenas, skirt from Zara, shoes from Topshop.
(Can you tell that I always carry around the same bag for night-outs? That's cos it's the only one I have that can fit my Lumix camera!)

Ohhkay I look so worried for my finals the next day :))

Mike is such a supportive boyf!

Congratulations to Camille & Laureen for being part of this year's Best Dressed list!

Loved the theme this year! 'Twas totally fun looking at the hippies and disco outfits. The music was great! Too bad I arrived late and I missed the program, but I was glad that I saw a lot of people. Congratulations to Preview for having a super fun party!

Topshop's 10th Anniversary

Kryz in MiuMiu

Her bib was what attracted people to approach her... cos they also wanted to see their reflections :))

They pitied me for not having anyone to go with, so they were forced to come :))


Caught in the act- catching up on the latest chika!

We were playing around with these new colosplash cards by placing them over the lens of my camera...

Kryz's shoes from SoFab and Laureen's is from Gold Dot. They were SKY HIGH wedges.

Loved the LED screen

18 copy

Didn't take a lot of photos since the place was packed! Went home early since I had to prepare some SkinnySweets orders for the next day plus had some schoolwork to do.I forced myself to go out since I wanted to dress up. I've been seriously CRAZY busy during these past couple of months.

I'll save you from the boring list of things I've had to commit to...

A lot of people say that it's always my choice to stay busy. I can always say no to job offers and projects. The thing is, I've never been the one to pass up an opportunity to learn and to work with great people. Growing up, I've always thought that being exhausted all the time was better than being idle and bored. I like seeing the results of my hard work. While it does take a toll on my health at times, in my mind I'm always saying, "It's going to be worth it in the end." And most of the time, my efforts do pay off. I also know when to drop things- and maybe that's because I know my capabilities and priorities enough to know when something doesn't seem right. I've never been the one to regret my decisions, but I know there are also times when I've regretted not having enough time to do a certain job.

My life's always been revolving around this work cycle, and at times when I'm given the chance to relax and regain my energy, all I can think of is "What else I can do after this?"

There's always something that needs to be done. There's always an opportunity to serve other people while learning and gaining from the experience.

My attitude seems crazy to a lot of people. Mom says this is the same work ethic my father has... But I have to work on organizing and having that sense of urgency to act on certain things quickly. I have to know which to prioritize and to PLAN things ahead. I am a bit carefree at times. I know I just can't wing it on certain occasions, but something in me wants to just allow things to happen naturally. I am slowly trying to let go of my old uptight and tense self. I want to stay calm and to remember to go with the flow of things. I trust in Him and what He's planned for my life.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Short trip to Cebu

Behind-the-scenes photos stolen from Mikey
"Don't move too much or the leopard on your earring will wake up!"
Starring Kenneth's bloom chair (Oh yes, first-name-basis like that! Him and Vito, my two idols from Cebu- hello guise! Vito, I know you read my blog. LOLZ.)
Oh, and Philippe Starck's ghost chairs are there, too. (I have yet to visit him in Paris. HAHH!)
David: "How many cameras do you need?" Me: "My Lumix has a higher megapixel count but the lens is only a 50mm so I need both." David: -no comment-
David, I love you for booking me a job in Cebu. I needed a good excuse to visit/skip a couple of meetings!!!
My quadriceps look so angry
Sam in a Kate Torralba dress, waiting for the talented Anne to take her photo.
At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after my first photo shoot with Mia, Rizbelle and David last Sunday. My Asian side shows when I'm tired (eyes get chinky). Arrived in Cebu early Sunday morning.
I am now a size 7.5! My feet were a size 9 two years ago. I was also a lot heavier back then. I'm not losing now but I guess this is because I keep wearing closed/running shoes? My old pairs are so sayang. I can't wear them unless they're heavy on straps!
David brought goodies for us to the shoot!
First thing you see when you enter Sam's house
Sam's favorite bags
Do follow her on Tumblr- she is so stylish!!! And LIKE HER PHOTO so she can be the next style correspondent of Elle and Nokia for NY fashion week!
You can see Cybill's house right across
That house was literally at the highest peak and I was trying to capture it with my zoom lens. Woop!
Sam's baby brother Liam is super cute!!!
I didn't catch the name of the architect but the interiors were done by the famous Almario sisters

Guso is a Cebuano term for some form of seaweed. Paulo's brother Myti just developed a new product called Guzo- it's basically packaged instant guso. It's pretty good and only 11 calories!!! The downside is that you have to wait for 30 minutes... But you only need to immerse it in tap water temperature and then drain it. Just don't place a lot of the vinegar & spice mix if you don't want it too sour...
Was snacking on this last night since I wasn't too hungry.
The beau and I had dinner at Red Kimono (Ayala Terraces). This is his and I didn't get to take a photo of my crunchy veggie roll and kakiage (vegetable fritters), but it was so good and I was amazed that they had two pages of their menu for vegetarians! Love it.
I was glad that David called me up last week to say that Zee Lifestyle magazine wanted to include me on their September issue as one of their "It Girls". Sam Benitez and my best friend Issa Selma will be in the same article, but Issa wasn't able to fly in with me since she had finals on the day of the shoot. I had to bring 3 outfits but ended up packing on the last minute so I just stuffed all my favorite pieces in my luggage. I was never the one to plan outfits ahead of time. I ended up forgetting to bring casual pieces to my trip, but good thing my baby brother's tees could fit my boxy frame.

We had the shoot for Zee last Monday. I got to meet the team behind the magazine and they told me that David made them try our cake pops! So glad they loved em! They also asked me to shoot Sam's house. It was such a challenge since I felt some sort of pressure to apply what I learned from our Business of Interior Design class, wherein we had to style then shoot interiors as an activity/quiz.
Sam's house was very contemporary, furnished with pieces from local designers. The Almario sisters were responsible for the interiors and they kept everything neutral with splashes of bold colors. The house is hidden somewhere in Maria Luisa and the modern and earthy feel blended well with its environment.
Will post more photos right after I work on them. I was also tasked to shoot Issa here in Manila. This is all going to be in their Fashion issue coming out this September! It's going to be really interesting especially because our personal styles are dissimilar. And oh, they sort of picked girls with style AND substance. *winkydink*