Sunday, July 31, 2011

schoolin, life.

Excuse me for not being able to blog about anything too interesting lately. I've been spending much time with these girls trying to finish our thesis.


This is the creative shot for our yearbook, btw. Our bathroom's main material is going to be CLAY and our photos had to reflect the material we were using for our exhibit.

I also like this other version... What do you guys think?


The colors of the two photos were edited by... me! I asked the yearbook committee if I could edit them since we used chocolate clay mask and body paint to get the mud effect but they turned out ORANGE in the original pic. I just had to do something about it!

So I haven't been out in weeks... And I haven't had a drink in months. As you all know, I have tons of work to do aside from school so I get guilty whenever I go out or even shop. My conscience keeps bugging me and I keep telling myself that there's work to be done every time I attempt to loosen up. Don't mind me, I'm weird like that.

My thesis mates and I met up at 7th High last Saturday night and found out that Status Magazine brought in DJ Ross One from New York for their issue release party. The place was so packed! I brought out my camera after Pia reminded me that I had one (LOL) and I was able to snap a few photos of us out together.

DJ Ross One


So I wasn't really able to let loose and I ended up having just one drink. I feel like I'm becoming too much of a grandma...

Maybe I'll finally be able to relax after our exhibit. :)

Oh, and Cassie is on the cover of the August issue!


Up to this day I still can't believe she follows me on Twitter AND sent me that DM.


...because I think she is too gorgeous for words... And her hair is awesome.


Christina said...

Whoa!! You do have some common features, aside from looking really hot ;) Good luck with your thesis!

Anonymous said...

re:your yearbook pic, it looks nice ala ANTM cycle something, medyo panira lang un isang nakasmile kasi lahat kayo fierce look, haha