Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Short trip to Cebu

Behind-the-scenes photos stolen from Mikey
"Don't move too much or the leopard on your earring will wake up!"
Starring Kenneth's bloom chair (Oh yes, first-name-basis like that! Him and Vito, my two idols from Cebu- hello guise! Vito, I know you read my blog. LOLZ.)
Oh, and Philippe Starck's ghost chairs are there, too. (I have yet to visit him in Paris. HAHH!)
David: "How many cameras do you need?" Me: "My Lumix has a higher megapixel count but the lens is only a 50mm so I need both." David: -no comment-
David, I love you for booking me a job in Cebu. I needed a good excuse to visit/skip a couple of meetings!!!
My quadriceps look so angry
Sam in a Kate Torralba dress, waiting for the talented Anne to take her photo.
At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after my first photo shoot with Mia, Rizbelle and David last Sunday. My Asian side shows when I'm tired (eyes get chinky). Arrived in Cebu early Sunday morning.
I am now a size 7.5! My feet were a size 9 two years ago. I was also a lot heavier back then. I'm not losing now but I guess this is because I keep wearing closed/running shoes? My old pairs are so sayang. I can't wear them unless they're heavy on straps!
David brought goodies for us to the shoot!
First thing you see when you enter Sam's house
Sam's favorite bags
Do follow her on Tumblr- she is so stylish!!! And LIKE HER PHOTO so she can be the next style correspondent of Elle and Nokia for NY fashion week!
You can see Cybill's house right across
That house was literally at the highest peak and I was trying to capture it with my zoom lens. Woop!
Sam's baby brother Liam is super cute!!!
I didn't catch the name of the architect but the interiors were done by the famous Almario sisters

Guso is a Cebuano term for some form of seaweed. Paulo's brother Myti just developed a new product called Guzo- it's basically packaged instant guso. It's pretty good and only 11 calories!!! The downside is that you have to wait for 30 minutes... But you only need to immerse it in tap water temperature and then drain it. Just don't place a lot of the vinegar & spice mix if you don't want it too sour...
Was snacking on this last night since I wasn't too hungry.
The beau and I had dinner at Red Kimono (Ayala Terraces). This is his and I didn't get to take a photo of my crunchy veggie roll and kakiage (vegetable fritters), but it was so good and I was amazed that they had two pages of their menu for vegetarians! Love it.
I was glad that David called me up last week to say that Zee Lifestyle magazine wanted to include me on their September issue as one of their "It Girls". Sam Benitez and my best friend Issa Selma will be in the same article, but Issa wasn't able to fly in with me since she had finals on the day of the shoot. I had to bring 3 outfits but ended up packing on the last minute so I just stuffed all my favorite pieces in my luggage. I was never the one to plan outfits ahead of time. I ended up forgetting to bring casual pieces to my trip, but good thing my baby brother's tees could fit my boxy frame.

We had the shoot for Zee last Monday. I got to meet the team behind the magazine and they told me that David made them try our cake pops! So glad they loved em! They also asked me to shoot Sam's house. It was such a challenge since I felt some sort of pressure to apply what I learned from our Business of Interior Design class, wherein we had to style then shoot interiors as an activity/quiz.
Sam's house was very contemporary, furnished with pieces from local designers. The Almario sisters were responsible for the interiors and they kept everything neutral with splashes of bold colors. The house is hidden somewhere in Maria Luisa and the modern and earthy feel blended well with its environment.
Will post more photos right after I work on them. I was also tasked to shoot Issa here in Manila. This is all going to be in their Fashion issue coming out this September! It's going to be really interesting especially because our personal styles are dissimilar. And oh, they sort of picked girls with style AND substance. *winkydink*


Sam said...

Thanks Ral! Love the photos.

Mikey Sanchez said...

wow! that's one powerful lense ha... the house was pretty far.

Unknown said...

I love your hair & outfit!

Raleene said...

Sam- no prob!

Mikey- whose house was it again? Haha

BbyAngel- thank you!

Unknown said...

Dope jacket! :)

Anne Lorraine Uy said...

What? If I'm talented unsa nlng jud ka! Hahaha God bless in all your endeavors, multi talented slashie. :)

Ish Manuelle said...

Raleene! Where did you get those Union Jack leggings? I've been wanting one ever since :(

Raleene said...

Hey! I got them at Topshop at Soho during my last trip to NYC! I haven't seen them around here :( sucks that we dont have the good stocks in the Philippines :(

Ish Manuelle said...

Solid! I saw something similar at Blackmilk but it's too expensive! I envy your leggings! :(