Saturday, July 23, 2011

our version of Stop by the Spice Girls

Last Sunday we got to record our version of Stop for the Sound Circle... We first posted a cover of this song on Rizza's Youtube account last year since we had to practice 2 songs from the group for Spice Girls night at Saguijo.

We love singing this song since it's fun and I guess most people think of it to be too much of a bubblegum pop song for us to cover.

We're having another gig this week at Casa Nami! Drop by tonight for Assassin's Cake. Other bands playing: Kapnobatai, Salamin, Sugarplum Fairy, Tiny Cactus and Not Applicable.

Sorry I haven't been posting too many photos... I've been trying to stop myself from going out too much (unless it's work-related) since I want to conserve my energy and time for my thesis! We only have a month to prepare and another month to construct the whole exhibit so it's.... seriously nerve-wrecking and exhausting.

Hope you guys like the video! I think another one will be posted tonight and it's one of our originals called Apple Juice (Kiss and Tell).


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Belle said...

that's really great. galing ng cover, :) love it

(not sure but if im not mistaken the guitarist i've watched na on MUlive,)
pardon me if im wrong

Raleene said...

Hi! My sister and I were on Music Up Late twice together but my hair was so long back then, maybe that's why you only recognized her. Haha! :) And thank you :)

Lady San Pedro said...

Love that!! You two sound great :-)

Belle said...

oh that was you pala. yeah i remembered na long-haired girl yung kasama nya, bf and i loved your music. sorry ha, i didn't recongnize u. but you were both really good. nagregister sakin yung empire state of mind cover ninyo.

and oh, love love your hair now.. it's so edgy. galing. di ko keri ang ganyan eh,, i admire how u carry it:)

LBSfashion said...

I'm addicted to you guys!