Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strangeness & charm

Went through a day of the level 1 Juju cleanse and it was easy peasy! I think it's mostly cos I'm a vegetarian and I've tried the master cleanse before (lasted 3 days til mum told me to stop cos my cheeks were so hollow already). Love the red beet and salabat juice. I really wanna try the 2nd & 3rd level, plus I want to try cleansing for 3 days. I did this on a Sunday (when everyone is on a cheat day) and I had to bake plus do my accounting homework. I was seriously full from the juices. 'Twas only 8PM when I started to get sleepy & lightheaded because of all the homework...

Pia's red bean iced cream... Failed to try it, but it looks gooooood.


Happy 5 years, Pao and Sam!!! Please be getting married soon. LOL 

Why so blue?
I had to bake before packing for my flight to make perfect-looking cupcakes for our shoot.

You can see the marshmallow packed in the middle peeking out already. Mmm...


New travel essentials- Steve Madden wedges + RayBan polarized Caravans


I'm currently in Cebu and SO happy to be back after so long! Missed my house here and I can't wait to see a few of my friends. I'm here to do a photoshoot for the "Fashion It Girls" spread for Zee magazine with fellow Cebuana Sam Benitez. I will be shooting parts of Sam's new house as well.

It was so hard to come up with outfits for the shoot so I just packed whatever I thought I could put together on the day itself (mostly my fave pieces). I seriously suck at planning outfits and end up changing at the last minute when I do plan. I want to learn to at least prepare ahead of time to save me from panicking.

I'm doing a photo shoot for Skinny Sweets as well, just for fun! Can't wait to show you guys the photos. I hope they turn out well since I haven't planned for anything! Thank God for David who helped me book a cute location.

Oh and can I just say, it was SO DIFFICULT to carry the cupcakes carefully during my flight! I also brought a couple of cake pops for those girls who found out I was flying in and didn't miss the chance to order some (shoutout!). Had to hand-carry my cameras and gadgets as well since I never trust the airlines here. My 
gadgets are my babies.

Will be back in Manila by Tuesday night, just in time to prepare more orders and get ready for meetings and events for the rest of the week...

Things to look forward to-- the HTC event, Topshop anniversary and Preview Best Dressed Ball! I am going crazy over the amount of outfits to prepare. I am not built for weeks like this!

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