Sunday, July 10, 2011

Topshop's 10th Anniversary

Kryz in MiuMiu

Her bib was what attracted people to approach her... cos they also wanted to see their reflections :))

They pitied me for not having anyone to go with, so they were forced to come :))


Caught in the act- catching up on the latest chika!

We were playing around with these new colosplash cards by placing them over the lens of my camera...

Kryz's shoes from SoFab and Laureen's is from Gold Dot. They were SKY HIGH wedges.

Loved the LED screen

18 copy

Didn't take a lot of photos since the place was packed! Went home early since I had to prepare some SkinnySweets orders for the next day plus had some schoolwork to do.I forced myself to go out since I wanted to dress up. I've been seriously CRAZY busy during these past couple of months.

I'll save you from the boring list of things I've had to commit to...

A lot of people say that it's always my choice to stay busy. I can always say no to job offers and projects. The thing is, I've never been the one to pass up an opportunity to learn and to work with great people. Growing up, I've always thought that being exhausted all the time was better than being idle and bored. I like seeing the results of my hard work. While it does take a toll on my health at times, in my mind I'm always saying, "It's going to be worth it in the end." And most of the time, my efforts do pay off. I also know when to drop things- and maybe that's because I know my capabilities and priorities enough to know when something doesn't seem right. I've never been the one to regret my decisions, but I know there are also times when I've regretted not having enough time to do a certain job.

My life's always been revolving around this work cycle, and at times when I'm given the chance to relax and regain my energy, all I can think of is "What else I can do after this?"

There's always something that needs to be done. There's always an opportunity to serve other people while learning and gaining from the experience.

My attitude seems crazy to a lot of people. Mom says this is the same work ethic my father has... But I have to work on organizing and having that sense of urgency to act on certain things quickly. I have to know which to prioritize and to PLAN things ahead. I am a bit carefree at times. I know I just can't wing it on certain occasions, but something in me wants to just allow things to happen naturally. I am slowly trying to let go of my old uptight and tense self. I want to stay calm and to remember to go with the flow of things. I trust in Him and what He's planned for my life.

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Unknown said...

its always great to feel motivated all the time because you never really know when your next opportunity is coming. I admire people like yourself because you never settle and you are always working towards making yourself a better person.

*ps I die over your shoes <3