Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Year of 4

I am a workaholic and I don't belive in NO. I don't believe in 'I need to sleep'. If I'm not sleeping, nobody's sleeping.

Independence is not easy, but it's gonna get easier.

My focus is not "bigger", it's QUALITY. And I wanna make sure it's something I'm proud of years from now.


Watched this a few weeks ago with my beau while pigging out on some Dear Darla from Yellow Cab (the only pizza I'll always crave for) and was smiling the entire time. I can't believe he was able to watch the whole thing while in awe... He's not a fan of her music but admits that she can sing. Bey's definitely the only singer I've seen live who's never had a hard time dancing AND singing at the same time. She sounds WAY BETTER live and it's evident that she started at a young age. Her voice remains so crisp and her notes are so on point throughout the whole concert that you'll think it's pre-recorded and enhanced. Other artists nowadays sound like shit when they're performing crazy routines. Trust me, belting out tunes while dancing in stilettos is such a hard task and I barely survived each night I had to do that for our prods before. It's definitely not an easy task so I always praise whoever can do those things flawlessly. Sadly, only a few people can do that.

Beyonce's one of the very few pop stars that I really admire. I've been a fan ever since her Destiny's Child days. I don't go crazy over every song she releases, but this short video somewhat encapsulates all the things about her that I adore-- her realness/genuineness , perfectionism, fearlessness, creativity and a true understanding of her significance in the music industry. I admire her even more now that she's become her own boss. I really wish I can develop the same attitude towards my craft. She inspires me to strive for the best, to hang on to my virtues and to continue to strive for excellence.


"You should be doing it just because YOU LOVE IT."

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Anonymous said...

This is inspiring. Thanks Ral for sharing :) -iona