Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm a paranoiac in reverse.

Hallo, friends.

Blogging backlog, yes I know. I have tons to share with you all- can't wait to post about them soon... I'll make up for it once our construction load's been lightened, I promise!

Anyways, here's a bit off the past 7 days (I've been a total bore so I guess you'll have to settle for this).

The night before we got ill...



As you all know, I've been busy with my thesis this month and I've been overseeing our booth at the construction site everyday along with my group mates. We've hit the 6th day of the actual construction today, and so far it's been going well. I just can't explain to you how damaging it is to the body since our 1,200-sqft. hall is more like a concrete box with no windows, keeping in all the sawdust, paint and fumes inside with only a small opening for the entrance to let all of that out. We guard our booth for a total of 14 hours a day, with one-hour breaks for lunch and dinner. For most of the batch, it's their first time to experience the REAL world of interior design and even if it's the total opposite of glamour and fun, it's so amusing and quite fulfilling to watch our room getting built-up.

I picked up some sort of virus circulating around the site and I may have passed it to my beau (oops) during his 7-day stay here in Manila before he had to fly back to America. Our time together was basically spent trying to recuperate and do absolutely nothing but drink meds & fluids, chew on nasty lozenges... Plus we managed to bore ourselves to death with the telly.

This week marked our 2nd year anniversary and we've been planning to have some sort of celebration even before he came back for the summer. I knew I could leave all the planning to him since he thinks it's the guy's job, but he also knows that I never want him to spend so much for anything unnecessary. I just want some time for us to talk, have dinner. I hate flowers (am I the only one who thinks they're useless?) and those over-the-top cheesy gestures. They make me shiver.

The plan was to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Makati (Robot? HAHA!), but since we were SO sick that day- 39C fevers, mad tonsillitis, shivers, the works- he had to move the 6:00PM meeting time to 7:45 so he could "get checked by a doctor". I was so thankful that he moved the time since I was feeling horrible and practically took twice the usual amount of time to get ready.

I get to the condo, he meets me at the lobby so we could "go to the parking lot together", and hastily pushes the button on the lift to his floor instead of the parking lot since he "forgot his wallet"... I open the door and see this...


"You're crazy."

But I was honestly just super kilig! For a while, we didn't mind eating with our poor tonsils screaming in pain.

Our celebration was short and sweet. Just the way I wanted it to be.

Seriously thankful that he's the total opposite of me- thoughtful, cheeeeesy and sweet. Everyone says that if I dated my male counterpart, we'd probably end up with our iPads and carrot sticks in front of the telly on our anniversary... Not that it's a bad idea (in my world, at least).

Oh, and there was supposed to be a cake with the statue of liberty on it. Would've died laughing if he really went for that!

((I just realized how my creativity during special occasions and gift-giving hasn't improved... Take for example 2 years ago- my dad and I greeted each other a happy birthday over breakfast (yeah we share the same birthday), I gave him 5 cans of Altoids and he gave me a head of a Moriones soldier. FUN!))


geraldine said...

haha cute! sometimes we girls say "oh we don't like flowers blahblah cos it's useless blahblah" but deep inside kilig din pag nagpaka-cheesy sila!! thank goodness for cheesy (at the right place and right time) bfs! happy anniversary, 2 years na?! bilis!

Michelle said...

Omg!!! How sweet is your boyfriend!! Congrats on your 2 years! :) hope you're feeling better....

Anonymous said...

oh my! he's really sweet! im loving him! haha i hope i have someone like him.. :) but why he is sooo skinny now, unlike the one he used to be before he left?

Raleene said...

Ge- cheesy is fine in small doses ;) hehe yeap so fast! Hope graduation storms by, too! :))

Michelle-thank you :)

anon- he goes to the gym when he's bored at his uni! And he gets bored a lot! Hahaha

CzarinaMaye said...

Ay kinilig ako!! :) Haha. How sweet! He's a keeper! Happy anniversary to you guys!

Honey Andrade said...

Aaaaawwwwwwww.... SO SWEEEEETTTT!!!!!!! Raaaallll.. Kunyare ka pa ah.. Haba ng hair mo!! Pagupit ka nga please!!! Hahaha..