Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jak En Poy: a sneak peek of our exhibit!- EXTENDED TIL NOV. 6!

photo from Raiza Poquiz

I'm so happy about all the positive feedback our exhibit's been getting from the first few who've seen the booths during the alumni association party and press day. 

As much as I want it to remain a surprise, my batch mates have been bugging me to blog about it already. Keep in mind that these photos do not do justice to the beauty of each booth! You really have to visit our exhibit. I'm not putting detail shots from each room so you all have something to look forward to when you decide to visit next month.  :) 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Last Saturday the PSID Alumni Association had their first gathering/party at our exhibit! I don't have any photos from the event since we had to entertain questions from the previous batches. They had to vote for the best booth!

Stole some photos from other people and I have some from the photo booth. We finally got to dress up! 

photo by Jodie Garcia

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

STATUS x Sony Walkman: Good Listeners

BTS VIDEO of the Sony Walkman shoot featuring Raleene Gonzales Cabrera, Rein Navarro, Nico Salva & Carlos Concepcion

Producer: Dan Buenaventura
Photographer: Kai Huang
Videographer: Aljan Ray M. Lorenzo
Art Director: Patrick L. Jamora
Makeup: Karen Catalan
Hair: Lourdes Francisko & Kiko Pedaza of Jing Monis salon

From strutting to running: Sony launches new Walkman W262 Series

Stylish enough to complete a look and tough enough to be the perfect marathon companion – that’s what the new Walkman NWZ-W262 series is.

A head-turner
The wearable Walkman is back and now, it’s 25% lighter than its predecessor weighing only 32 grams and boasting of a smaller and more compact look. Discriminating fashionistas who are looking for a more stylish way to enjoy their music will not be disappointed with its chic design and wide range of colors: from the subtle white and black to the vibrant pink and blue. The NWZ-W262 can be the perfect finishing accessory to an outfit. With no wires dangling around, anyone who wears his Walkman will surely look polished.

What a sport
While being a looker, the new Walkman NWZ-W262 brings with it the same water-resistant and washable features making it an ideal sports buddy. Listen to your favorite music while warming up for an intense game of basketball. Turn up the volume to give you an additional boost to run an extra mile on the treadmill. Go on with your cycling routine even under the rain. Whatever it is, the new Walkman NWZ-W262 will continue to provide the perfect musical score for your active lifestyle.

Aside from this, the compact Walkman is packed with features that make it very convenient to use. It comes equipped with Content Transfer software which enables music lovers to simply drag-and-drop their music from their computer or iTunes library. The Walkman W262 also comes with ZAPPIN song search technology which enables music browsing through a short audio preview of each track. So no need to take your eyes off the road to look for music while running to find the track you are looking for.

Music to last a whole night long
One of audiophiles’ pet peeve is when their MP3 player dies in the middle of their favorite song. With the Walkman W262, you get to enjoy eight hours of uninterrupted music playback when full charged while the Quick Charge function provides music playback of up to 60 minutes with a mere three-minute charge which is perfect for fashionistas on-the-go and those who are living an active lifestyle.

First dibs on the new wearable Walkman
Recently, Filipino audiophiles were given a chance to try out the new Walkman NWZ-W262 in an event held in SM Mall of Asia which transcended and recreated reality. Hosted by famous music icon Billy Crawford, the participants were able to transform into different characters such as a biker, a cheerleader and a skateboarder just to name a few. A flash mob of joggers also raided the mall to demonstrate how the new wearable Walkman fits in the arsenal of active urbanites.

So whether you want to glam up or sweat it out, the wire-free, water-resistant, washable and stylish Walkman NWZ-W262 is the ideal music player a music-lover can have.

For more information, you may visit http://www.sony.com.ph


Monday, September 12, 2011

Smart Netphone events

Smart Netphone media launch (Sept. 1)

Grabbed this photo from Tracy...
Surprise- I didn't use my camera during the media launch! I'll be posting a review of the phone in another post. It's a really cool Android phone for its price (Php 9,900).
Thank you to Smart and Connect Agency! Add me on Smart Net Messenger, friends!

Smart Netphone Grand Launch (Sept. 10)

I didn't know that I was getting 10 invites for this event! I sorta panicked by Friday since none of my friends seemed interested. I could've done a blog contest but I knew I didn't have time to do that anymore. I managed to force some of my friends to come with me on the day itself... Yay! 

Earlier that night there was a program that involved a dougie dance-off. They also threw out new 20-peso bills and free phones to the crowd!
Wore this dress from Topshop that I gave to Issa 2 years ago because it was too long for me and I couldn't fill out the... front. Haha. I still don't like the way it makes me look flat as a board but I had no choice, I really had NOTHING to wear and had to raid her closet! LOL.


Both events were super FUN! So glad that I got to see my friends and take a breather from school + the construction site. It was also nice that I got to meet some girls who read this blog/listen to our music. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mango FW2011- part 2


Mango FW2011- part 1

The theme was supposed to be Luxe Grunge. I haven't shopped in over 2 or 3 (?) months now and I've practically worn every item in my closet more than twice or for photo shoots, so I took out this 2-year-old jumpsuit I thrifted from Rumi Neely's old Ebay store (Treasure Chest Vintage) and got a plad button-down shirt from my sister's room to look a bit grunge... Not so sure about the luxe part but whatevs. :))  I had to make sure I could move and take photos in my outfit so I didn't really mind the dress code after deciding to go with this.

David trying to pose for Elisa and I.
I had fun talking to the both of them and Elisa also mentioned that I looked really intimidating (and even scary) in my photos. So glad she said I wasn't like that in person! :) 

Instantly noticed Bjorn's safety-pinned bow tie! 

I see Paul of OS Accessories


The event was hosted by Bianca Valerio