Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeners (part 1)

Halloween at Fiamma
(Friday, Oct. 28) 


No decent photo with Steve Jobs :( 

Clai and Trixie rockin super cool makeup! 

Yeap, feelin so cool with that gun I found. 

I actually just found this gun lying on our table! :P  I accidentally left mine at home after spray-painting it since they don't sell realistic weapons at toy stores anymore. 

I brought mine the day after to our next Halloween party but they confiscated it at the door (Resorts World). Boo :( 

LMFAO x Manny Pacquiao

He's cross-eyed. Hilarious.

Antisocial pic 1

Antisocial pic 2 (and holding a grudge against Pia)


My first costume this year wasn't homemade. I got the whole getup from a huge costume shop in New York last year but failed to use it since I went for a DIY thing instead.

I got my very first wig from Catwalk Cosmetics (thank you, Marj!) and was amazed at how the quality was so good even if it was pretty affordable. Delivery was free and the wig cap came with it, too.

Iz also got her costume from America but she had it altered to fit since it was a men's costume. Ria was totally cramming and luckily she found this workable costume at SM.

I have rediscovered my love for that department store and will explain further on my next post. 

We totally need more Costume Cauldron-type of stores here!