Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeners (part 2)

As a creepy dolly last Saturday (October 29) 

Riz was a creep from that video by the Lonely Island

Joseph was Juno

Together they made a great couple.

We all used colors from the Catwalk Cosmetics eyeshadow palette that Marj sent me. I love it! I even dabbed on a bit of red and pink on my lips after putting on some of Issa's lipstick. 
Read my previous blog post about it HERE.

A lot of people kept asking what we were supposed to be as a group, but all we wanted to do was sort of match each other and have super colorful hairdos! We were called a couple of things including Slutty Powerpuff Girls (umm we didn't have their colors *cough*), Anime Girls, Dolls, Harajuku Girls, etc. 

We wanted to be bloody but sadly we didn't have enough time left. Ria and Issa were so distracted while doing makeup since their close friend Slater was on Big Brother along with Divine (another Cebuana). Issa's face was flashed on TV and I was laughing at her the whole time because of how excited she got! 

Purchased our wigs, ribbons, socks and bows at the SM Department Store in Makati at about 6:00 that night and then sewed/glued everything together before doing makeup at Issa's condo.

I've forgotten how SM's made it super convenient for everyone by stocking up on just about everything in expansive floors (cue the musical motto "We've got it all for you!"). This is what happens when you're stuck in a coop doing plates & finishing your coursework for so long-- your world gets limited to snobby malls (with more parking slots), the nearest pharmacy, the nearest grocery that always seems to lack one or two items you're really picky about, and occasionally, the hair salon. Note to self- you are surrounded by at least 3 SMs in a 7-mile radius. 

The place can get overwhelming if you accidentally visit during one of their crazy sales (I've witnessed a day wherein the crowd's worse than Divisoria) and last Saturday Iz and Ria did get dizzy from running around & trying to hunt down every single thing we needed with empty stomachs. I concentrated on channeling my hyper-ness to planning how my outfit & color scheme would look at the very last minute. 

I'm not exactly contented with the doll-like makeup but it was melt-proof enough for us to survive the super crowded Halloween party at Republiq before heading to Robot to take some decent outfit photos. And umm... Issa and Ria didn't even go with the big-eyed look. :)) 

Oh, and I left my gun at the Resorts World entrance since they confiscated it. Boo. 

October 30, 2011

Adorable eggplant girl!

Folien: a foiled alien. 

This centaur was so funny since he needed his guardian to hold the rest of the body!

Tish was a... leopard?

"What's your costume today, Ral?" 
me with grocery bags full of candy: "I'm a mom."

I managed to buy a ton of cheap candy from the grocery after watching a few of the last shows at Philippine Fashion Week yesterday for the kids who were going Trick or Treating. Was able to snap some of the cute and more creative homemade costumes but most of the time we were all just gushing at how amusing the kids looked. They were just storming in and out of our booths!

I didn't get to dress up anymore since I had a major allergy attack that morning and was really in a hurry to get dressed for PFW. I just threw on whatever I thought was comfortable and sneeze-proof enough since I had to commute from San Juan to Mall of Asia and then back to SM North Edsa. Totally missed out on family day and church but nobody was going to man our booth. 

I managed to kick my allergies in the butt and my Sunday turned out to be pretty chill.

By the way, our exhibit is extended til November 6, so please drop by if you haven't yet!  :)


mestizay said...

you look so friggin awesome! Even the freckles look so real!

Raleene said...

Thank you! :)

Patty Mendoza said...

Love these, Raleene! Where did you get your wigs? :D I love the yellow and orange :D

Raleene said...

Patty- We got them at SM! :D thank you!