Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what I do at the exhibit

We take turns in guarding our booth and I get to go thrice a week. I was obviously bored during my last shift since the visitors weren't asking questions about our design rationale and main materials anymore. 

I took some photos before realizing that this may be the last time I'll be using my Lumix GF1. 

Found decent and comfortable "walking shoes" at Pedro the other day. I needed a new pair for days when I have to run errands. I'm slowly trying to refrain from wearing TOMS everyday (but I still love them) since I'm no longer a uni/college girl. I love sandals with heels a bit higher than kitten heels (I could never wear those, they make me cringe).

I don't wear my sky-high heels on normal days since I'm a bit taller than the average Filipina and people get mad at me for wearing them. Plus of course, heels hurt when you have to walk/run/skip on the roads around here. I don't work in a carpet-laden office. 

Yani was obviously bored, too. She gamely posed for me and did our "offering" pose, haha!
 Sometimes I forget how nice the bokeh is from the 20mm pancake lens of the GF1.

Everyone loves the tall mirros in our booth. They're for sale (as well as our customized shelves) so contact me if you want to buy them!

My hair's getting longer. :)


Recently cleaned up my blog a bit since I was getting tired of looking at colorful badges and endless links at the sidebar. I think I've lost touch of why I started this in the first place-- it's a mere documentation of my life and everything I like. I've always wanted it simple. 

What's new: 

  • I basically just added pages on top that includes my long list of links, FAQs + redirecting links to my Twitter/Formspring. 
  • My other blog posts have a "read more" option so all the photos don't have to load when you're on the main site, but I still have to fix the spacing before and after that link
  • I've also added a search box and a drop-down list of categories to get rid of the annoying cloud of tags that I had. I still have to edit the tags on each post since some of them are unnecessary (the ones that only have one post attached to them). 
  • Still have to fix the space in between each post. I'm not satisfied with the crowding of the text. 
  • As much as I want to edit the template, I can't let go of the all-white background and placement of the side bar on the right. I might change my banner if ever I take a decent monochromatic photo of myself. Or should I just make it a huge "" header? 
I'll stop right here since I don't want to badger you all with these things about the whole look of the site!

Anyways, I really just want to tell you all that I am trying to get myself to post better photos! I am hating myself for leaving my camera behind, but then again I've been really busy with school-related events that just keeps me from going around taking photos. I hope you all understand. 

I am also excited about getting a new camera! My brother's getting my old micro 4/3s Lumix GF1 since he's taking photography lessons in school (I know, they offer it in my high school now. How unfair!) and he needs a "decent" one. I can't let go of my DSLR since it's my first baby and the my first purchase ever since I started earning when I first came here for college.

I'm getting an Olympus PEN E-P3. (photo isn't mine)
Thank God for online shopping! I can't wait to get my newest baby!


Pau said...

I'm looking into the PEN line also, but leaning toward getting the E-PL3 since it has a tilting screen which is great for me (for macro, hip, and over-the-head shots). Hope you give a mini-review once you receive your E-P3.

Raleene said...

Watch this for the comparison between the E-PL3 and E-P3 :)

I chose the E-P3 since it has more controls like a DSLR and I'm used to using those when shooting. Plus the Lite has no built-in flash. I wanted something like a mini DSLR. The E-PL3 is a really good camera if you're not really doing shoots or you don't need a lot of dials/controls. :)