Sunday, November 27, 2011



Finally graduated from PSID last November 18! I have another graduation for DLS-CSB on February 2012 (cap + gown involved, yay!). People wonder why some of us are having two graduations, and this is because the CSB curriculum requires us to take minors in CSB before taking our majors in PSID... This means we have a diploma from PSID for Interior Design and a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree from CSB. 

You can't take the board exams unless you have a degree in Interior Design. Some of my classmates have taken their minors from previous courses already so they can take the licensure exam, too. 

I can't believe I'm done with college! I still crave for the classroom setup so maybe I'll be taking another course after the board. 

I can't express how thankful I am to Benilde and to PSID for my scholarship. Never planned to apply for one and until now I'm so thankful that my parents raised me to LOVE learning. To be able to study at the top institutions of our country [for my field] for free is totally amazing. La Salle gives out so many scholarships each year and I'm so glad that they give amazing opportunities to so many students. If you're interested in any of their courses, keep your grades up in high school, top the entrance exams and really invest time in your extra-curriculars-- you might just be eligible for the Benildean Excellence in Scholastics and Talent scholarship! With this comes a stipend for each term you keep your grades up but you also have to be a leader in a school org (I chose Coro San Benildo in Benilde and became an officer for our batch in PSID). If you think you don't meet the qualifications for this type of scholarship, you can still apply for financial assistance and tons of other scholarships listed here

I've learned so much from CSB and PSID and I really can't complain. Studying interior design's probably one of the hardest things I've had to go through, but I've had so much fun along the way!!! I can't even express how much physical, mental and (most esp.) emotional sh*t I've had to go through. Haha!  

I wouldn't have survived the sleeplessness without all the fun I've had blogging, going to events, doing odd jobs, making music, gaining friends, choir (during my first few years in Benilde), photo shoots, traveling, and of course having to digest the wise words of my parents. I love them. 
And even if all my friends constantly remind me of how much I'm killing myself doing so much all at once, I love them for the laughs, for helping me strengthen my faith and for reminding me that I can survive anything because I am a robot like that. 

AAAAHHHH I'm done, I still can't believe it! 

It's time to work even harder. 

November 26- a shoot + thanksgiving

After arriving from my trip I immediately had to pull-out my outfits at MANGO (Rockwell) for our photo shoot... 

Lunch- a delicious (and pretty) greek salad at Cafe Mediterranean... 
Nothing like taking photos of your food to add to the awkwardness of eating alone.

A teaser from our shoot for MANGO yesterday...



The day after we arrived from Camiguin, we drove to Bukidnon to Dahilayan Adventure Park.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

white island

photos from my recent trip to Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin island

Sunday, November 20, 2011


New Steve Maddens. Wish they had these in plain black, too... It has the perfect heel height for me and they're so comfy! 

My mum's grad gift. Love you, mummy!

KC's 18th

Just a photodump of last night's craziness at KC's debut!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love TOMS

Excited to buy my first pair of TOMS eyewear!

A different sole for the TOMS they hand out to children in need.
The kids in Smokey Mountain really benefit from this one because of how muddy the contaminated grounds can get whenever it rains in their area. (will blog about my previous visits to Smokey Mountain soon)
Since children's feet grow really fast, they give out new pairs every 6 months. How cool is that?


The first one was a total success and I can't wait for the next one! 

Love this video!
(And it makes me miss my short hair even more)

I am sharing a booth with blogger and PSID batchmate Aivan this year! (See the list of participating bloggers HERE.) 
My sister and I (Walkie Talkies) will also be performing and I am selling Skinny Sweets at my booth aside from the usual clothes/shoes/accessories! 

Manila’s finest fashion bloggers will leave their laptops at home once again to attend BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (Part 2) on December 3, 2011 at Treston International College, Taguig, this coming holiday season.

It is the second installment of the first-ever BloggersUnited: An Interactive Shopping Affair, which was held last May. Due to insistent demand from readers and bloggers alike, Bloggers United team in partnership with the country’s largest online shopping website, Multiply Philippines have gathered Manila’s fashion bloggers to sell their pre-loved but very stylish closet pieces!

This event is the perfect opportunity for both bloggers and their adoring readers to mingle and personally interact with each other. Fun contests and exciting giveaways from sponsors and entertaining performances from bloggers (Walkie Talkies, Reese & Vica) themselves will definitely keep this event from being a dull one.

Some of the notable bloggers attending the event include Divine Lee, Laureen Uy, Kookie Buhain, Lissa Kahayaon, David Guison, Karl Leuterio, Patricia Prieto and Preview Magazine’s own Daryl and Andre Chang.

But because Bloggers United wishes to go beyond the geographic limitations of the archipelago and extend its reach beyond Metro Manila and so for this event, they are flying in some of Cebu’s very own fashion bloggers which include Kryz Uy, Eden Villarba, designer Yves Camingue, Gillian Uang and Mildred Zapanta and a few more.

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the GMA Kapuso Foundation for its school building project, a small but significant step to improve the Filipino youth’s access to education.

The organizers behind BLOGGERS UNITED BAZAAR (PART 2) are Ana Gonzales, Melai Entuna and Aisa Ipac,  a team of blogger friends encouraging camaraderie and sense of “community” among Manila’s (and eventually, the country’s) fashion blogging community through events and productions like this.

This is a one-day-only event that you shouldn’t really miss! It will be in a bigger venue with twice more the number of participating bloggers to meet! This is the perfect shopping day this Christmas because the most affordable and most fashionable clothes, accessories and footwear will be up for grabs. See you!

Bloggers United is in partnership with:

Event is co-presented by:

Official media partners

In cooperation with:

Special thanks to:

Online Shop Donors:

Location Details:
Treston International College
University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila Phillipines


Monday, November 14, 2011

Posh Nails

6 copy
8 copy

3 copy

Posh Nails recently opened a new branch at Venice Mall, McKinley Hill Piazza (Taguig) and I was one of the bloggers they invited to try out their services. I wasn't able to join the rest of the bloggers for a huge nail spa party because of my schedule so I went there alone last November 2.

I chose not to take photos inside because it was packed that day-- that's enough proof that they're doing really well-- so I guess y'all just have to pay the branch a visit! 

I chose the "Posh Spoiling" package which involved a manicure and pedicure, plus foot and hand spa... It was the best way to start my month since I haven't had the chance to get my nails done & I've been doing them on my own during the course of our exhibit (October).

What I loved about their service was that the place remained really quiet even if it was full of people, the nail technicians took their time and the scrub they used on me smelled like candy and butter combined. I seriously wanted to eat it! It was super relaxing and I was pleased with the result. I'm very OC about my nails. I'm glad there were no bubbles, streaks and they were shaped just the way I liked them. 

They have tons of colors available and they carry the best brands of polish so you don't have to worry about that...

The interiors are colored in quirky pinks and purples, plus they have really comfortable sofas for every guest. They also have 2 private rooms. Expect the staff to be super friendly and accommodating. :) 

You can check THIS out for their services and price list. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

what you resist persists

Headed to Prive since Mia's in town to do a show for Monica Fig's shoe line.

Love this dress. I know I've worn it in another post but I loved how it went well with my nail polish (OPI's Mermaid Tears)  

Hype this on Lookbook 

Oh, and here's the official poster for the 2nd Bloggers United Bazaar. Can you spot your favorite bloggers already? 

And tomorrow we are performing at the Built By Sonic anniversary. Our set is gonna be at 9 PM. 

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new reads

This is actually an old purchase from Urban Outfitters at San Francisco but I can't stop browsing through the photos and reading about the lifestyles of different artists! Their homes sort of give you an idea of their creative process. 

Getting to know Annie + a book on small spaces (trying to draw more inspiration for the one-bedroom condo unit I'll be moving into) + yet another book about color harmony for layouts 


To me, the next best thing to traveling is reading. 
I love taking my mind to different places & getting to know the lives of different faces.
Plus nowadays, books are pretty enough to serve as decorative things around your home! Will definitely have a nice library in my new place!

These will do for now :) 

Monday, November 7, 2011

i have a new weapon

I asked Chai to model for me yesterday for Skinny Sweets. We used one booth at our exhibit and this is her doing makeup at our booth. Thankfully we were assigned to a bathroom-- well-lit vanity, yes! I wasn't able to snap photos when Essa arrived with our stylist and other model but we pretty much used the entire room for makeup & wardrobe changes. 

I met Chai at a photo shoot for What A Girl Wants last year and only got to talk to her when we both modeled for a fashion show of the same campaign a week after that. She surprised everyone at the show because she walked in with a pixie cut! That was also the same time I was sporting a faux-hawk.

The only short-haired girls at the show :)) 

Now we're both growing out our hair and she considers that her awkward length even if that's the length I want to achieve. 

She's based in Manila now and she works for the MAC counter at Rustan's (Glorietta). She's actually a registered nurse but she's trying to pursue her passion of becoming a makeup artist (she's just waiting to get certified by MAC). She's also modeled for a few things here and got accepted at 2 of the biggest agencies but she can't do it full-time because of work. She discussed to me her frustrations about the modeling industry here and I sort of expressed how a lot of models would've killed to get the opportunities she's been getting. I'm just really proud of her for chasing her dreams! GO CHAI! :) 

Will post the final photos soon. I still have another shoot to do for our new cupcakes! 

After the photo shoot I rushed back to Rockwell to get some materials for our team's game for the exhibit's closing party that night. I also stopped by the Global Pinoy Bazaar to claim my new pair of DAS shoes


The girl selling accessories was also a Cebuana and she was telling me how pretty the shoes were. She actually wanted to get 5 styles from DAS that day, too! 

Lemme tell you, they are insanely comfortable because the platform's made really well and they're cushioned like all their other styles. 

Here are some more photos of DAS 24: 

I love this pair since the style is pretty classic but it has a twist behind it.

Killer heels indeed! I'm sure I can't wear these out clubbing cos I might leave everyone bleeding, but they are so pretty and they make my legs look miles long! 

Oh and friends, please be careful about fake accounts claiming to be the owners of DAS. Neeresh and Sureen handle all the orders and accounts themselves and they told me about people contacting them after paying to another person with a fake receipt. It's always a big risk to establish your business online. Some people even grab photos from DAS (that's why watermarks are so crucial) and when customers receive the package the product looks totally different since the photo isn't theirs in the first place. Order only through the contact details posted on their website/Facebook page

I think I'm done with shoes til the year ends. I have to stock up on clothes now so I can set aside my old clothes for the 2nd Bloggers United Bazaar!!! DECEMBER 3- mark your calendars, guys! :)
(see the list of participating bloggers here)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To risk all is the end all and the beginning all.

Killing time since we were too early for our gig.


Displaying my speckled boots thanks to the rain. 
I have a weird obsession for extra loose men's button-downs which are unflattering but are the best things you can wear to gigs. 

Zara booties

Jorge doin his thing.

Proceeded to Robot right after but didn't take photos. So glad I got to see my friends again except the Robot regular Jess who is now in the Big Brother house (oh. my. lawd.). 

I totally feel like I'm finally done with college. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

might as well be president of the universe

Her whole album's been giving me good things to dream about.
Why did I decide to get Biophilia just now? I am the worst fan.

A preview of her iPad app. 

It's a bad app to have. I've been staring at the animations and toying with each song's "instruments" for days now. 
You get to read about the influence/inspiration behind each song and all the animation's just so... hypnotizing. Made my sister want to have an iPad.

Fine, if you don't want to get it you can just... buy her songs or something. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

i conquer claustrophobia

Today I discovered my contacts were ripped so I had to wear my glasses out the whole day. 
They're so heavy and I probably almost tripped thrice. Thick-rimmed glasses are cute but not practical especially when going down stairs. I can't even do something as simple as running/sprinting bec. super blurry vision messes with my balance on the treadmill!

But the camwhorage continues despite my blindness because I finally got my new Oly! 

Hi, please take this pasty girl to the beach. 

A lot of micro four thirds cameras are going back to that retro look, replicating film + cross-processed + pinhole effects.  But I'm not complaining. 


Don't have a lot to say today... But please watch our gig tomorrow.  :) 

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