Monday, November 7, 2011

i have a new weapon

I asked Chai to model for me yesterday for Skinny Sweets. We used one booth at our exhibit and this is her doing makeup at our booth. Thankfully we were assigned to a bathroom-- well-lit vanity, yes! I wasn't able to snap photos when Essa arrived with our stylist and other model but we pretty much used the entire room for makeup & wardrobe changes. 

I met Chai at a photo shoot for What A Girl Wants last year and only got to talk to her when we both modeled for a fashion show of the same campaign a week after that. She surprised everyone at the show because she walked in with a pixie cut! That was also the same time I was sporting a faux-hawk.

The only short-haired girls at the show :)) 

Now we're both growing out our hair and she considers that her awkward length even if that's the length I want to achieve. 

She's based in Manila now and she works for the MAC counter at Rustan's (Glorietta). She's actually a registered nurse but she's trying to pursue her passion of becoming a makeup artist (she's just waiting to get certified by MAC). She's also modeled for a few things here and got accepted at 2 of the biggest agencies but she can't do it full-time because of work. She discussed to me her frustrations about the modeling industry here and I sort of expressed how a lot of models would've killed to get the opportunities she's been getting. I'm just really proud of her for chasing her dreams! GO CHAI! :) 

Will post the final photos soon. I still have another shoot to do for our new cupcakes! 

After the photo shoot I rushed back to Rockwell to get some materials for our team's game for the exhibit's closing party that night. I also stopped by the Global Pinoy Bazaar to claim my new pair of DAS shoes


The girl selling accessories was also a Cebuana and she was telling me how pretty the shoes were. She actually wanted to get 5 styles from DAS that day, too! 

Lemme tell you, they are insanely comfortable because the platform's made really well and they're cushioned like all their other styles. 

Here are some more photos of DAS 24: 

I love this pair since the style is pretty classic but it has a twist behind it.

Killer heels indeed! I'm sure I can't wear these out clubbing cos I might leave everyone bleeding, but they are so pretty and they make my legs look miles long! 

Oh and friends, please be careful about fake accounts claiming to be the owners of DAS. Neeresh and Sureen handle all the orders and accounts themselves and they told me about people contacting them after paying to another person with a fake receipt. It's always a big risk to establish your business online. Some people even grab photos from DAS (that's why watermarks are so crucial) and when customers receive the package the product looks totally different since the photo isn't theirs in the first place. Order only through the contact details posted on their website/Facebook page

I think I'm done with shoes til the year ends. I have to stock up on clothes now so I can set aside my old clothes for the 2nd Bloggers United Bazaar!!! DECEMBER 3- mark your calendars, guys! :)
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