Sunday, November 27, 2011


The day after we arrived from Camiguin, we drove to Bukidnon to Dahilayan Adventure Park.


I was excited to try out the longest zip line in Asia!

The first one was just a teaser.

Pia was my buddy. She took a video of the first zip line. 

As usual, I was super hyper and wanted to try out their huge play ground but the sign said only kids below 12 could use it :(  

When we all arrived to the other side we had to go up the hill to ride the trolley to the other side of the park for the longest zip line in Asiaaaa. 

Yes, we had to lay flat for the 2nd one! Super fun!!! 

I took a video the entire time I was going down the zip line and luckily I discovered (while going down) that my E-P3 could take photos while on video mode! 

Will post the video later. I don't know how to transfer the videos yet since it's not showing up on my iMac even when I access my card. Gotta read the cam's manual... 

The view was BREATHTAKING. What an experience! I felt like I was flying and the feeling's way better than riding a rollercoaster- mostly because of the view plus you get to ride on your own without tons of people screaming all around you. 
I still love rollercoasters for the adrenaline rush, though... And that sickening feeling in your gut.

We continued to view the rest of the park. My other friends tried the Zorbit while I took photos since only 6 were allowed for each batch of ATV riders. We signed waivers and had to sit through a briefing. 

This was my first time to ride an ATV and I really want one now!

It was more or less a 45-minute ride around the park/mountains. The roads were so bumpy and steep and we only stopped to pose at the top of the hill. (photo grabbed from Pia)

As much as people would refuse to believe, I pack light when I travel. That means I end up panicking since I never have enough things for outfits and I have to buy clothes when I suddenly have to attend something not so casual... 
For this trip I traveled with MISMATCHED TOMS. Yeap. I was such in a hurry during my flight that I ended up grabbing the black canvas TOMS and paired it with my slate vegan TOMS. It's not so obvious when you look at it from afar but I discovered they were mismatched when I took them off at the airport and the lining was different... You won't really notice the difference in the color of the fabric and soles until you look at it closely.

I ended up buying black Crocs since all the basic closed shoes I wanted in SM weren't available in my size. 
They're alright but I'm not a fan of rubber flats since they're so squeaky. They're really comfortable, though. 

Happy they had strawberries since the place reminded me so much of Baguio, but these just weren't as sweet. 

Here's Atheena setting a bad example for the little kid.

I was craving for super leafy & organic "probinsya"-style veggies throughout the entire trip. 

We had dinner at Candy's since the girls wanted to make the most out of my last night in Cagayan de Oro. 

I had a huge plate of Greek Salad. We all loved the food so it's no wonder why this restaurant is famous. 

Had drinks at Yuri's and proceeded to Wat Ever where we met up with some friends.

I'm surprised I managed to get up 2 hours after getting knocked-out! I had to travel alone with a splitting headache...



I already miss CdeO! 


France said...

omg the giraffes! Love your shots! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the leather jacket you're wearing here? :)

Raleene said...

France- thank you :)

Anon 5:06- I got it from Zara! :)

Pau said...

Love the shots! I went to Dahilayan with my family in 2010. It was an amazing experience. Thanks for letting me relive the memories!

Raleene said...

Glad you liked the photos! :)