Wednesday, December 21, 2011

shoe girls


The DAS sisters got me to shoot their entire collection since they're launching their new official webpage soon... We decided to take a couple of fun portraits right after. Issa dropped by as well, and we were all chatting away during the shoot. It's always so much fun when these girls are around! 

I tweeted the night before that I needed someone to help me with the lighting. This was the first time I had to set up lights by myself and I had no other choice but to resort to.... YouTube tutorials. Thankfully I just had to do the most basic set-up and I could remember a couple of things from previous shoots with other photographers. I guess it was really time for me to do it on my own. 
Internet, I love you. 


Unknown said...

The shoes look amazing! I always wondered about those, are they easy on the soles and arch of the foot?

Raleene said...

What I love about DAS is that they make sure their shoes are super comfortable- they test out all the styles for at least a month before they get reproduced. The heelless shoes are cushioned and surprisingly they're more comfortable than a lot of my other sandals! They're great!