Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some clips from our performance

Walkie Talkies @ Bloggers United 2 from Bloggers United on Vimeo.


Do it Like a Dude- Jessie J
We Found Love- Rihanna
Crazy in the Deep- Adele + Gnarls Barkley 

As much as I want to post my photos from the 2nd Bloggers United bazaar, I am stopping myself from doing so because I'm not contented with them! I left my massive collection of Photoshop actions on my iMac so I hate all my photos right now (I was in a hurry to edit them). I'm in Cebu til the weekend and uploading my content on 3G just makes everything so pixelated. 

Will be back in Manila this Sunday! I'm in Cebu since our family biz is involved in two expos here. Riz and I also had to perform from Monday til Wednesday for the CIE trade fair. This trip has been so good for me but I think I am still craving to taste a bit of the bum life after college. 


MARIEL said...

Awesome voices myged! I wish we stayed or went back. Would love to hear you both singing live one day. My husband's been accusing of being your fan last night after watching your videos in youtube. Of course, I didn't deny.:)


αвву M. said...

you guys are so amazing!! wow!

Raleene said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your cover of do it like a dude! please post another video of you guys singing it!!! :)

Tin Castelo said...