Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bachelors-Femina charity ball + Cebu

I was invited to participate in the Bachelors-Femina Innocence Day Ball at the Casino Español de Cebu last December 28. Bachelors-Femina is a socio-civic club for unmarried members of the “crème de la crème” of Cebu Society. The girls and I modeled creations made by famous Cebuano designers and we also had to perform the Rigodon de Honor. The event was for the benefit of the Hands of Mercy and Asilo De La Milagrosa. It was definitely loads of fun and it was great seeing my friends dressed to the nines in traditional Filipino attire! Thank you so much to Dexter Alazas for letting me wear your creation! 

my Filipiniana was sponsored by Dexter Alazas 

Mia Arcenas wearing a Ronald Enrico creation

Holly Dychangco wearing a Mary Ty

Kryz Uy wearing a gown by Ronald Enrico (sans the cape/sleeves)

Cara Riña's Filipiniana by Vandale dela Bajan

Karla Henry was the host that night

Jasmin Sarmiento (wearing an Allan Patring creation) with Pichai Theamtusana 

Charmaine Chua sponsored Natasha Lilja

Lesty Rodriguez's gown is by Harley Ruedas

Jennifer Sarmiento wearing an Allan Patring

More photos from my trip...


Made a quick stop to the annual CIS party Seasons Greetings after the Drink for Life fundraiser at Starting Point...

Went to VUDU on my last night!


Thanks for the photos, Mikey!


Crappy outfit photo [here]


I had to go straight to the airport for my 5AM flight. Then I caught up to the rest of the Cabreras at the Riviera house in Tagaytay for our New Years Eve celebration.

CEBU WAS GREAT! I'm heading back on the 8th to celebrate my birthday (in advance) with some friends from Manila who are also taking part of the Sinulog festival.  

See you there, friends! 


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