Friday, January 20, 2012

Sinulog 2012 grand parade + pics from Cebu

Was surprised Carlos and Bianca also joined us that day! 

Paul Jake and Guji being superstars on the float. LOL

PJC + Lakam

I decided to join the parade this year with the beau and took 2 of my guests (Nini + Jen) with me while Pia, Paolo, Sam and my sister went to Baseline for the street party. I really can't decide which one is better but I sure had A BLAST this year! I can't even remember taking half of the photos in my camera. We were dancing in the streets for about 7 hours that day til we reached the grand stadium. We had dinner at Mr. M then I went home to change for my gig at Outpost that night. Congratulations again to IPI for winning the best float category this year! It was so pretty this year with the fairytale theme. 

More photos from my trip to Cebu...

My good friend Steven invited us for merienda at the Abaseria when my guests arrived. Those goodies with their traditional tsokolate = perfection! Visit the Abaseria at Mabolo for native/Filipino food and products.

Our first gig was at Ila Puti (IT Park)

We headed to Penthouse right after.

Saturday night at GILT. I love this place!!! The interiors are awesome and I instantly recognized Delphine De Lorme's artworks (I'm a fan). It's the second floor of Vudu at Crossroads.

Beer pong at Mr. M with the boys of Salamin

Very funny, Pao! 
You guys can't imagine the amount of teasing I've gotten for that photo. Apparently it's on a billboard, near Basilica, at a hotel, and at 2 malls. Seriously will not get used to it! 

Our gig at Outpost after the Sinulog festival



Early birthday celebration at home...

Thank you to my bestie Issa for this scrumptious birthday cake!!! 

Paulo was the assigned lechon carver that night. 

Lor had a go at it cos she's been eating lechon twice a day ever since she arrived in Cebu! Insane.

Spicy lechon from Rico's Lechon

white fish with spinach from The Gustavian

salmon steak


Thank you to Sam for taking our photos!!!


Bianca said...

Hi Raleene! Went to Cebu for Sinulog and yes, your Island photos are everywhere! :P

Raleene said...

hahaha plus everyone keeps asking me "do you love gadgets?" cos of the shirt! oh well :P

Anonymous said...

raleene, what camera do u use? and do you post-process? street pics are great.

Raleene said...

Please check the FAQs tab :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Raleene! Just wondering, it's stated in your FAQ, you use 2 lenses: zoom and prime. What's the prime for?

Raleene said...

I almost never use my zoom lenses anymore, unless I need a wide-angled lens for shoots with different focus points. The prime gives a better & creamier bokeh (blurry background) so I always use that for my everyday shots. Actually, if you carried a camera with a zoom lens back in the day they said that photographers wouldn't take you seriously :))

I have a 20mm and 45mm for my micro 4/3s cameras (thats equivalent to a 50mm and 90 mm on normal SLRs) and I have a 50mm for my Nikon... Prime lenses are the best for portraits but they're not cheap and DSLRs usually come with a standard kit lens that won't give you the same effect. People who aren't into photography would think that the camera will make your photos better, it's actually the type of lens you work with for every scenario.

danielle said...

Hi. Just a comment though. Ilaputi is actually located in Asiatown, IT Park :)

Raleene said...

Danielle- OMG I just noticed that mistake now! :)) changing it, thanks.

Koh lanta holiday said...

That looks fun! We are planning to go to Cebu next year for the Sinulog.These pictures made me more excited about that trip.