Sunday, January 8, 2012

YABU + a gig

This sauce with the sesame seeds- the best. 

For appetizers we had the potato salad (first photo) and this seaweed salad topped with ebiko. I wanted more of the seaweed! It's SO good. 

I just had to bring along my foodie sisters

"Tiiiiime to eat!"
(chunky watches from Parfois, Diesel & Armani)

Rosu (pork loin) Tonkatsu set
3/4" thick & juicy Japanese pork loin. The slice of pork has a trimming of fat with it. 

Rosu Katsudon 
2-egg omelet and special sweet sauce ladled over tender katsu & served in a bowl of steaming Japanese rice

They served unlimited cabbage! Sadly the rice wasn't unlimited, but I tried a bit from my bowl (I never eat rice, I just don't like it) and it was really good. Maybe even the best Japanese rice I've ever tasted. 

Seafood Katsu set 
Black tiger prawn, scallop, cream dory, oyster & squid served with Japanese rice, miso soup & Japanese pickles

*surprise, I eat fish now! I just couldn't take it- I've been craving ever since I turned vegetarian 3 years ago. I'm slowly transitioning into being a pescetarian but I still love my veg and fruits more. I just need an easier source of protein. So far it's been doing me good, it's just that I have to be picky & only eat it in moderation. Maybe I'll even get back to being a strict vegetarian when I move out in a couple of months. 

I was obviously not in the mood to dress up. 

Studded flats from Topshop which I believe are dupes for those Jeffrey Campbells, which are also dupes for those Louboutins

Really enjoyed our first katsu experience at Yabu! It's actually the first authentic Katsu restaurant in the Philippines and we're definitely going back with the rest of the family. The servers are nice & attentive, the concept is interesting and of course the food's great! It's no wonder why people really line up to get tables.

Special thanks to YABU: The House of Katsu ♥ Twitter || Facebook
(YABU is on the 2nd floor of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall)

Some photos from our gig at the Assumption Antipolo fair on the same night... 

Didn't get to catch our friends from Never the Strangers but we got to watch Reese & Vica perform before us...

And after us, Rico was the last to perform. The high school girls went wild.


We're flying to Cebu tomorrow to prepare for Sinulog! 
Performing at Ila Puti on Friday (Jan. 13) at 10 PM, and at the Outpost on Sunday (Jan. 15). Hope to see you guys there! :) 


Martin G said...

Lovely pictures and yabu's katsu is really a must try!

by the way, how do you align your pictures? like the portrait and the landscape's width are aligned. I can't do it with my blogspot :s I hope you'll answer this! :)

Jamie Kate said...

Wow, i'm surprised that you don't eat and like rice!
Nice photos btw!
Will definitely visit Yabu soon! :)

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Jamie Kate

Raleene said...

Martin- thanks! I manually set the dimensions when editing on photoshop so I just paste them on my blog after they appear on Flickr. There's no easy way using the blogspot templates I think.

Jamie Kate- yeah, I prefer pasta or bread but I've grown to stick more to veggies and protein. Carbs make me bloat :/

Sofia Gatchalian said...

Great photos! Have a safe trip. :)

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