Thursday, February 16, 2012


Many thanks to Levi's for the comfiest jeggings & DAS for the comfiest towering booties. They feel like boulders on my feet! 

(My tripod seems to be missing so these webcam photos of my outfit should suffice)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Indie Fridays

*Next Friday (Feb. 24), my sister and I are performing at Il Ponticello for Indie Fridays, another project organized by the Bloggers United team. 

*event date's been moved!

This is going to be a regular thing at Ponti, so SPREAD THE WORD.

See you there!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


My post-graduation lunch was supposed to be at Spiral (Sofitel) but we weren't in the mood to pig out/attack the buffet. Instead of suffering from a food coma that afternoon, I dragged the fam to Chelsea Market Cafe since I was craving for my favorite sandwich...

I know y'all must be sick of me posting photos from Chelsea but I can't help it! 

My all-time favorite, their organic grilled vegetable sandwich.

Apple-peach cobbler

Definitely one of those places where I can eat alone without caring about what others might think. The waiters know me for that. Sad, but I actually enjoy concentrating on my lunch on a typical weekday. 

Graduation day!



Finally graduated with a cap and gown yesterday. I'm forever grateful to DLS-CSB for the scholarship and was surprised that my CGPA actually got me honors. Dad thought it was funny and said that I would've done better if I actually kept track of my grades and "partied less". I guess I was too caught up with just having fun in a huge school, being busy with choir during the first two years (it served as my extra-curricular activity as required by the scholarship) and trying to do music with my sister. CSB was such a fun experience and I was actually sad that I didn't get to take all of my interior design subjects there... I freakin loved the SDA building and made tons of friends there!

Thank you to all those who congratulated me through Twitter, texts and Facebook!!! And thank you to Fiamma Stereostatic Saturdays again for the grad party :)