Monday, March 19, 2012

Baguio photo diary

Since I was taking my friends around Baguio, I had to bring them to the usual vacationers' spots. Sadly I forgot to tell them about dropping a coin and making a wish at Mines View Park

Pia's bracelets and iPhone case go so well with the table cloth

Got this huge plate of veggies for lunch. The strawberry and blue cheese dip were to die for! 

Totally loving this touristy photo op moment

...til I discovered that the chair was wet!

The number 1 reason why I love our house at Baguio- I get to wake up to THIS every morning. 

Lashes and brows are getting thicker thanks to the RapidLash I got from Sasa during my last trip to Hong Kong. I also got them permed at Beauty and Beyond when I went to Cebu so they don't look as thick on this photo. I think I need to stock up on more tubes since I'm so happy with the results! I can't believe I can now survive going out of my house without any makeup on. And I don't have to curl my lashes, too. 

Last meal before heading back to Manila @ the Pancake House

I haven't visited our home in Baguio in two years so I decided to take the girls with me for a spur-of-the-moment road trip. We were there for two nights and had only one whole day to go around the tiny city. I get cold easily so I really don't enjoy our trips here as much even if everyone else is parading around in shorts and loose tees. 

I remember how often we used to visit when I was still in grade school, and how the visits gradually lessened to once-a-year trips during New Years (the smoke from the fireworks are more bearable because of the climate). I remember taking stacks of Kumon worksheets and getting a CD/ cassette tape as a prize each time I'd finish a bunch of them. Yes, even on summer we were forced to like Math!

I get bored easily whenever I spend time there with just the family, so I'm planning to take more friends with me next time! Nothing beats chilling at our balcony-- having some drinks while grilling stuff and listening to loud music. The neighbors are rarely present since most of the people at our village only go during the typical holidays... Another trip has to be organized soon! Friends, let's make this happen!!! 


Anonymous said...

where did you get your boots? :)

Raleene said...

They're kinda old! From Forever 21 :)

Dane said...

You take such amazing photos. And you are so gorgeous!

Raleene said...

@Dane- omg can I just say that I LOVE your blog. Remains to be one of my faves! And no, YOU are stunning! <3

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures as always! Do you edit them? If yes, where? Thanks!

Raleene said...

Anon 12:37- Thank you! Please check my FAQ tab