Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boracay 2012

The purpose of this trip's stated on my previous post...

the Shangri-La


with my roomies Melai, Megann & Cheyser

2nd favorite drink (take a guess)

They told us we were going to a press event but turns out we were just going to chill at the Tattoo Lounge.. Major outfit fail, I could've worn something that didn't scream "I like bodycon everything and I'm a city girl." Ew.


The other super friendly bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting:
Chuckie Dreyfus, Kring Elenzano, Ivy, Sonnie Santos, Cheyser Pedregosa, Doy Buenviaje, Megann Jabola, Melai EntunaES Dimen & Coy Caballes

We were all treated to a SpaParty at the 2nd floor of Epic. I chose a back massage (cos I reallyyy needed one) while the other girls got their nails done + nail art. 

This was the cool Tattoo Lounge just outside Epic. Super fast wifi here! We also got free drinks while enjoying the music. 

That night we had dinner at Dos Mestizos with the Globe Tattoo guests...

my #1 fave drink (and of course it's not a shot of Bacardi)


The other bloggers weren't really into clubbing, so Cheyser and I dragged Melai & Megann into pre-drinking before hitting up the "clubs" (what exactly do you call them in Boracay?)


Our 2nd day involved tanning & swimming in the morning...

Cheyser's probably the most diligent blogger. She's been blogging and asking for the nearest wifi spot ever since she arrived on the island. 

Right after swimming + tanning. I really prefer myself with a darker complexion. I don't know why so many Filipinas hate being brown. I guess it depends on what works well with your features.

Boracay 3
sunbathed at the Palms

view from our living room

Glad I bumped into Camille! She was forcing me to extend my stay but I couldn't :( 

spotted: the Island Girl


So glad I was given the chance to go on this trip. I finally got some time in the sun at another island.
I get some sense of clarity whenever I'm away from the city, when I know that work's far away and I can't physically attend to the more important things.

These kinds of trips make me thankful. I'm prone to wanting things and envying others whenever I'm surrounded by career-driven folks in the city. It's great to want to strive for more, but right now I'm more than thankful to be in control of my time and work load at the age of 22. I am always inspired, always surprised and always driven. I can't complain.


Melai said...

I'm sooo in love with your camera! Looked like my photo was taken using it. And girl you edit photos so well. I should really learn how to post process! Haha. It was nice spending time with you, getting to know you a bit more outside blogging events and all that. :)

See you soon!

Melai of Style and Soul

Raleene said...

Twas great spending time with you, too! See you soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, you swim with contacts on?

Raleene said...

Anon- yes, but I wear goggles! :)) I can't have my goggles graded, I'd constantly have to get them changed and the contacts + goggles thing is easier. I just have to be really careful. I think I mentioned that in my latest entry about Cebu & I wore goggles in some photos.

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Great photos.. :)

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Zoe Mei Resort said...

By just looking at your pictures, I can see that you really enjoyed your stay in Boracay. There are really lots of places to be enjoyed, whether it is daytime or night time. Cherish your memories when you are here in this little paradise island.

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